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Eldad Tamir

Eldad Tamir Founder and CEO at FINQ

The importance of real-time market data in modern investment decisions

In the rapidly evolving world of finance, real-time market data has become crucial to making informed investment decisions. This type of data provides immediate insights into market trends and the impacts of global events, offering a significant competitive edge. Introduction The financial landscape is undergoing a transformation, driven by rapid...

/ai /markets Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Mete Feridun

Mete Feridun Chair at EMU Centre for Financial Regulation and Risk

What does Basel IV mean for EU banks? A quick review of the challenges and opportunities

The finalisation of Basel IV marks a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of global banking regulation. These comprehensive reforms, concluded by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in 2017, introduce critical changes across various dimensions, including risk measurement, capital adequacy, and reporting requirements. In the Europe...

/regulation /wholesale Banking

Max Koretskiy

Max Koretskiy Investor, Cо-Founder at Blackshield Capital Group

Five Fundamental Characteristics of Attractive Investment Stocks

Traditionally, when considering the topic of investments in stocks of public companies, we focus on the trends of the American stock market, as the largest and liquid market in the world. It is a key arena for investors due to its wide diversification, technological innovation and strict regulation. Since the beginning of 2024, the US economy and ...

/wealth /markets Analytics in Banking

Carlo R.W. De Meijer

Carlo R.W. De Meijer Owner and Economist at MIFSA

Ripple stablecoin launch: a game changer

On 4 April, Ripple announced its plan to launch its own stablecoin, next to XRP, pegged 1:1 to the US dollar later this year. This is envisioned as a key development for Ripple, aiming to bridge the gap between traditional finance and decentralised finance. This announcement was well received by both the crypto world and the traditional financial...

/crypto Blockchain Observations

James Berry

James Berry Managing Director at Valuedynamx

Time to Level up Your Loyalty Program: Top 10 Ways to Tap into Gamification

People love games for a variety of reasons: they fuel our competitive sides, challenge us, offer an escape from the daily grind, and help us feel a sense of victory and accomplishment. Most of us are naturally attracted to activities we find stimulating, and game-like experiences satisfy that hunger—even via loyalty and reward programs. Gamificati...

/retail /predictions Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Serhii Bondarenko

Serhii Bondarenko Artificial Intelegence at Tickeron

Navigating the Upcoming Earnings Calendar: A Detailed Guide for Investors (May 20–24)

Anticipate Market Movements from May 20 to May 24, 2024 As we approach another significant week in the financial markets, investors and analysts alike are gearing up to review a plethora of earnings reports from a wide array of companies. The insights derived from these earnings reports are crucial for understanding company performance, sector he

/ai /inclusion Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Dmytro Spilka

Dmytro Spilka Director and Founder at Solvid, Coinprompter

The DeWealth Revolution: How Blockchain is Driving Digital Transformation in Wealth Management

The blockchain revolution in the wealth management landscape is already underway, and offers a more secure and transparent means for individuals and organizations to build a more sustainable economic future: The age of DeWealth is upon us. Facilitating real-time asset tracking, smart contracts for investment automation, and decentralized control o...


Priya Kumari

Priya Kumari Digital Content Marketing Specialist at MSys Technologies

Harnessing AI/ML to Combat Payment Fraud: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction The payments landscape has undergone a transformative shift, embracing omni-channel, omni-pervasive accessibility, financial inclusion, cloud technology integration, and multi-touchpoint experiences. As cashless and contactless transactions become the norm, this evolution has inadvertently fueled a surge in financial fraud incidents

/ai /payments Financial Risk Management

Zubin Limbuvala

Zubin Limbuvala Principal Data Strategy Lead at GFT

Are you brave enough to look beyond ‘Lift and shift’?

What do cloud solutions have in common with the electric vehicle industry? On the face of it not much. Corporate successes in the last few years have proven that slow evolution and retro fitment are not good enough for firms to thrive and excel. The most successful companies start off with an idea and a philosophy from the ground up. Take the exam...


Mikhail Yegorin

Mikhail Yegorin Head of PR at Jusan Bank

How payments drive growth in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is one of the world economy’s growth stories, with the Asian Development Bank’s latest assessment from April 2024 forecasting GDP growth of 3.8% in 2024 and 5.3% in 2025, far outstripping growth rates seen in advanced economies. When people think about the causes of economic growth, they often default to thinking about major events an

/retail /inclusion Digital Banking

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