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Artificial Intelligence

After the successful launch of the Chat GPT 4.0 chatbot by OpenAI at the beginning of 2023, many businesses started testing the tools provided by artificial intelligence and the areas of their application.

Marcus Martinez

Marcus Martinez Industry Advisor, Worldwide FSI at Microsoft

Harnessing Wisdom: How GenAI is Transforming Age Dynamics in Business

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) has ushered in a new era of technological advancement, bringing with it a paradigm shift in how we perceive and interact with technology. Interestingly, this wave of innovation is not just being embraced by the younger generation but is significantly being adopted by older individuals, a reversal of the t...

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Sheza Gary

Sheza Gary Project Strategiest at Self Employed

Armed With Advanced AI, Brand Impersonators Are Casting A Much Wider Net For Victims

Digital impersonation scams are emerging as the “new normal” in the cybercrime industry, with recent research highlighting the lucrative nature of such attacks, a rise in the use of AI to enable them, and the inability of brands to protect their customers. The rapid growth of “brandjacking attacks” was the main focus of a June report from Cisco Ta...


Ahmad Almoosa

Ahmad Almoosa Cofounder & CEO at McLedger Accounting

Embracing the AI Revolution: A Holistic Approach to Workforce Transformation

In the dynamic landscape of the workplace, the infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undeniably reshaping job roles and necessitating a strategic overhaul of workforce dynamics. Far from being a threat, AI brings unparalleled efficiencies, opening new horizons for job evolution rather than job loss. In this transformation era, organizations


Serhii Bondarenko

Serhii Bondarenko Artificial Intelegence at Tickeron

The Art of Trading Day Trader vs. Swing Trader

Real-time pattern trading significantly simplifies the process of identifying optimal entry and exit points by scanning thousands of stocks and ETFs in minutes—an undertaking far beyond human capacity. Artificial Intelligence not only identifies these patterns but also conducts backtesting to evaluate their historical performance, thus establishin...

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Serhii Bondarenko

Serhii Bondarenko Artificial Intelegence at Tickeron

AI into Algorithmic Trading Based on Price Action, Volatility and Correlations

In the dynamic sphere of stock trading, the selection of an adept strategy stands as a pivotal cornerstone for day traders aiming to optimize their financial gains. Within this domain, my exploration focuses on two predominant strategies—Price Action and Volatility Analysis, rooted in technical analysis, and Correlation Models, which harness the p...

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Freddie McMahon

Freddie McMahon Director Strategy and Innovation at DF2020 Ltd

Towards AI Agents: addressing rule-based governance deficiencies

In the corporate governance landscape, the structural integrity of documented policy and procedural rules stands as a linchpin for organisational order and control. The analogue nature of these documents masks deep algorithmic weaknesses, leaving decision-making vulnerable to risks, often hidden in plain sight. Despite the advent of AI Agents offe...

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Serhii Bondarenko

Serhii Bondarenko Artificial Intelegence at Tickeron

Crafting a Winning Strategy for Stock Trading

In the intricate world of trading and investing, three distinct methodologies—fundamental analysis (FA), technical analysis (TA), and quantitative analysis (QA)—stand out for their unique approaches to evaluating market securities. This article delves into the essence of these methodologies, highlighting their benefits and the synergy of integrati...

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Ankit Patel

Ankit Patel Marketing/Project Manager at XongoLab Technologies LLP

How AI and Chatbots are Revolutionizing Customer Experience?

Customer experience is a top priority for businesses of size today. In a competitive market, keeping customers happy and engaged is crucial for success. Artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots are emerging technologies that are transforming the way businesses interact with their customers. Imagine a world where customer service is available 24/7...

Serhii Bondarenko

Serhii Bondarenko Artificial Intelegence at Tickeron

Revolutionizing Intraday Trading with AI-Powered Search of Popular Patterns

In the ever-evolving landscape of real time trading, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with classical technical analysis represents a significant leap forward. At the forefront of this revolution are trading robots, equipped with sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms that have the ability to sift through vast amounts of market...

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Serhii Bondarenko

Serhii Bondarenko Artificial Intelegence at Tickeron

Decoding Price Movements: A Trend Analysis Approach for Traders

In the dynamic realm of the stock market, investors and traders constantly seek an edge to predict trends and capitalize on movements before they become common knowledge. With advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), a groundbreaking approach has emerged, offering valuable insights into future market directions. This article delves into the i...

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