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Expert opinions

Steve Round

Steve Round Co-Founder at SaaScada

Why responsible data use means better banking experiences

One concern that’s arisen during the Farage debanking scandal has been the question of how responsible banks are when handling our data and meeting their customers’ needs. Whilst the Farage fiasco has obviously given rise to concerns about the use and potential disclosure of data held by financial institutions, it is important to remember that dat...

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Konstantin Rabin

Konstantin Rabin Head of Marketing at Kontomatik

The San Francisco Fed Anticipates Crumpling Inflation

The San Francisco Fed forecasts where inflation, lead by housing, will likely go next. Housing is the only category of inflation where you can look back a year and get a sense of what's coming next month. Housing inflation makes up the largest part of the consumer price index (CPI). It's calculated based on something known as owners' equivalent ren...

Clare Rowley

Clare Rowley Head of Business Operations at Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)

The Value of the LEI in Cross-Border Payments: Enhancing Corporate Invoice Reconciliation

The need to harmonize cross-border trust services continues to grow in line with the ever-increasing volume of trade and commerce taking place across digital platforms, globally. In this effort, the LEI can play a fundamental enabling role. The Financial Stability Board (FSB) has already endorsed the LEI for supporting the goals of its G20-endorsed...


Raja Creditmantri@123

Raja Creditmantri@123 Business Analyst at Creditmantri

Essential Considerations Before to Applying for Your First Credit Card

Embarking on the journey of acquiring your inaugural credit card marks a significant financial milestone. This decision, however, warrants careful deliberation to ensure it aligns with your unique circumstances. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the pivotal factors you should ponder before taking the plunge into the realm of credit car...


Nick Green

Nick Green Director at Purple Patch Broking Ltd

Transparency in credit data: What does it really mean?

From determining eligibility for a new loan to assessing financial vulnerability, credit data plays a pivotal role in financial decisions. Yet, how often do we pause and ask: How transparent is this data? When we discuss 'transparency' in the context of credit data, it's not just about clear reports or scores. It delves deeper, probing the integrit...

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Future of Report

The Future of the Global Financial Ecosystem 2024

A Sibos Special Edition. Our world has experienced several unexpected and unprecedented events over the last few years, which show no signs of slowing down. This year’s Sibos aims to connect those in the financial services community who have experienced fragmentation, in the hope that tackling this will help with some of the biggest issues facing banking. The role that financial institutions play in the global environment will continue to be placed under the microscope as situations continue to develop. In light of this, there has never been a better time for those in finance to come together and have frank and open conversations about their future. This applies to not only environmental and social goals for banks, but also the adoption of and adaptation to new technologies. No longer can these issues be placed on the side and given lip service, they need to become an integrated part of each financial institution’s core policies and practices. However, ever increasing this challenge are the continuously changing global circumstances. Due to these circumstances, communication and collaboration are essential drivers for 2024. This Finextra report, produced in association with Swift, includes commentary from BBVA, BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon, Deutsche Bank, ING, JP Morgan, Lloyds, McKinsey, NatWest, SEB, Standard Chartered, UniCredit, and Wells Fargo.


Event Report

How to Formulate an Actionable Cloud Strategy

A Financial Cloud Series Report. Discover the power of the cloud with our comprehensive event report on formulating an actionable cloud strategy. As part of the Financial Cloud Series, Finextra explores the transformative potential of the cloud for the financial and technology industries. Gain insights from industry experts as they discuss how banks are accelerating digital transformation, leveraging the cloud's capacity and scalability, and setting themselves up for success on their cloud journey. Learn about striking the right balance between in-house technology and outsourcing, managing cost-effectiveness and transparency, and navigating hybrid cloud strategies. With an actionable cloud strategy, your organization can unlock innovation, agility, and growth in the digital era. Get your copy now and embark on your cloud journey with confidence. Watch the Finextra Financial Cloud Series webinar - How to Formulate and Actionable Cloud Strategy - on which this report is based. If you would like to get involved in our Financial Cloud Series conference on 7th March 2024 in London, please email us at events@finextra.com



The Future of Digital Banking in the UK 2022

The digital transformation of financial services remains a defining journey being undertaken by banks and fintechs across the globe. Increased digitisation of banking services after the Covid-19 pandemic, demonstrates how financial institutions are becoming more agile and better equipped to serve their end-customer. The future of banking is an industry reliant on cloud-based technology and partnerships with fintechs to drive their businesses forward. The digitisation of financial services through mobile apps, audio chatbots, and automation makes banking more personalised and convenient to users. However, accompanying this digitisation comes challenges such as cybersecurity and fraud, arising from this shift toward a digital ecosystem. Talent has never been in higher demand, and retaining strong employees with the right training is pivotal to succeeding digitally. By partnering with fintechs, banks are overcoming these challenges and navigating the new environment with the future front-of-mind. Featuring expert views from 10x Banking, Infosys Finacle, Mambu, and Salt Edge, and insights from Lloyds, first direct, OakNorth, and Santander, this Finextra report will explore how industry leaders perceive key events and trends defining the future of digital banking in the UK, during 2022 and beyond.




Is the future of money digital and instant?

Mark Brant, Chief Payments Officer at NatWest, joins FinextraTV at Sibos 2023 to discuss the impact of digitalization, offer guidance to payment providers and businesses, and share insights on the future of payments.


Long reads

Paige McNamee

Paige McNamee Senior Reporter at Finextra

Why did SVB collapse?

In a spectacle brimming with action more compelling than anything seen at the Oscars, Silicon Valley Bank’s dramatic and total collapse over the weekend continues to unleash plot-twists on the beleaguered tech sector. The rapid downfall of the bank, a California darling, has dealt a terrifying blow to the industry, and the true fallout for the spac...

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton Contributing Editor at Finextra Research

Which banks are at risk after the SVB collapse?

When Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) failed last week, a 40-year legacy born in the innovation and optimism of its namesake Northern California birthplace died with it. Now that the nearly $200 Billion deposit institution – which according to many analysts may have banked more than 50% of all tech companies at some point in their existence – is gone, wh...

Hamish Monk

Hamish Monk Reporter at Finextra

How is the Russia-Ukraine war impacting the financial and tech sectors?

With sanctions from the European Union, Switzerland, France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, the United States, and the United Kingdom, ratcheting up on the Russian Federation, economic shockwaves are being felt by industries far and wide. Already, the global economy is gasping for air; energy and oil prices are climbing, shares are tumblin...