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Nick Horne

PCI DSS v4.0: Why PCI compliance deserves your attention

The latest evolution of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - better known as PCI DSS - has recently been made available, making now a great time for businesses to focus more attention on...

1 h
The Payments Business
Philip Chethalan

Why KYC is an effective tool against Digital Fraud in Money Services Businesses (MSB)

MSB services have come to the rescue of many, who can’t access banks immediately and want to transfer money or carry out trade exchanges. So, it surely provides time and place convenience. We all know...

5 h
Online Banking
David Gaskin

5 Ways U.S. FinTech Companies Can Expand Their Talent Pool in Europe in 2023

Finding skilled workers is the lifeblood of growth for fintech companies but the realities of the world market in 2022 make this more challenging than ever. Promise is abundant in this space that c

12 h
Arianne Rosmolen

Ecosystem banking: the role of platforms in corporate banking

The needs of your corporate banking clients are changing. Demand for digital-first solutions, automation, and rich data has steadily increased over the past decade. We’ve seen some improvements to co...

19 h
Transaction Banking
Sandeep Nambiar

e-Invoicing Fuelling a Growing Trade Finance Opportunity in SME Digital Banking

The rising adoption of e-invoicing globally is coinciding with a decline in the use of traditional trade finance instruments. And a growing dependence on supply chain finance solutions fuelled by digi...

19 h
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation
Eduardo Castro

The increasing risk of identity fraud at Christmas

It has been another busy year for fraudsters. With consumers seemingly targeted by an ever-increasing range of tricks and scams designed to part them from their money or personal information, the risk...

20 h
Michael Boukadakis

Part One: Data Makes the Magic Happen with AI

If the past three years have shown us anything, it’s that consumers have adapted to self-serve. More self-reliant than ever before, they’ve learned to meet their own needs with CX tools and services t...

21 h
Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services
Rowan Brewer

Solving the cost-of-living crisis with data driven real-time Financial Services

Financial Institutions (FIs) have found themselves in the spotlight once again as inflation continues to rise and many global economies are on the brink of recession. Central banks are doing what they...

21 h
Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030
Zandra Moore

5 Best Practices for Better Fintech BI Reports

In the fight to remain competitive, Business Intelligence (BI) is crucial for fintechs. Why? To name just a handful of examples; the actionable insight derived from BI analysis enables fintechs to bet...

29 Nov 2022
Analytics in Banking
Pallava Nagulakonda

Open banking solutions can protect Gig workers from BNPL debt trap

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) is a type of unsecured short-term financing that allows consumers to make big-ticket purchases and pay for them in installments, often interest-free. This form of consumer fi...

29 Nov 2022
Sergio Barbosa

Businesses losing billions to poor quality software, putting many at risk for 2023

Businesses are losing billions due to poor quality software. And, as the economy tightens and skills remain scarce, this is likely to get worse, forcing them to pay to fix avoidable problems and resul...

29 Nov 2022
Trends in Financial Services
Senthil C

AI powers proactive hyper-personalized experience for retail banking customers

A recent satisfaction study by J.D. Power for U.S. retail banks found that banks have struggled to deliver on customer expectations for personalization and almost half of the customers have moved to ...

28 Nov 2022
Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

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