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Capital Markets Technology

Front Office Trading Trends and Technologies...

Guy Melamed

Guy Melamed CEO at Exberry

Back to Basics: A Wishlist for Cloud Providers from the Financial Exchange Industry

Greater investment in hardware and networking needed to make cloud-based colocation and multicast a reality As some of the world’s largest financial industry participants gathered in Boca Raton last week, one fact that was hard not to miss was the increasing presence (and sponsorship) of the major cloud providers. These cloud providers are investin...

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Drake Paulson

Drake Paulson VP, Head of Partnership and Client Experience at Anduin Transactions

Private Equity Firms Embrace AI for Their Portfolio Companies

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into business operations has moved beyond mere speculation to tangible ROI. Recognizing this shift, private equity firms are eager to position their portfolio companies at the forefront of reaping these benefits. Investment managers and venture capitalists are already trying their hand with AI, albei...

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Guy Melamed

Guy Melamed CEO at Exberry

Capital Markets Metamorphosis: AI Forging a New Foundation

We're excited to be heading out to FIA Boca! I’m looking forward to insightful conversations and connecting with everyone again. This year’s agenda focuses on the latest developing technologies, including the potential of next-gen AI and tokenisation, promising to transform capital markets. It’s fascinating to observe that, only a few years ago,...

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Karthikeyan Rengasamy

Karthikeyan Rengasamy Chief Architect and Research Scholar at TATA Consultancy Services

Maximize Return on Investment with Quantum Portfolio Optimization

Every investment involves some level of risk. Investors typically seek higher returns to compensate for increased investment risks. While higher risk may result in higher returns, an optimised portfolio will result in higher returns at a lower risk. However, the return on an investment is determined by both the risk and the investment strategy. Op...

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Guy Melamed

Guy Melamed CEO at Exberry

How APAC Exchanges Can Prepare For Predicted Growth Of Emerging Stock Markets

The market cap of exchanges in emerging markets should exceed the value of U.S. exchanges as soon as 2030, according to Goldman Sachs economists. They have further calculated that as of 2022, the Americas accounted for only 27.4% of equity trading volumes, which is already less than half of the share of APAC’s volumes. India is forecast to achiev...


Guy Melamed

Guy Melamed CEO at Exberry

Fusing Market Infrastructure Technology: Exploring The ‘Buy, Build And Integrate’ Approach

Change is afoot when it comes to market infrastructure technology. The old arguments over “buy vs build” have been relegated. Instead, firms are touting a “buy, build and integrate” approach, combining pre-built platforms with proprietary technology systems. Even incumbents with their full, self-built systems are starting to integrate specialised v...

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Guy Melamed

Guy Melamed CEO at Exberry

New Take on Trading Technology: How to Navigate the Cloud-Tech Arms Race

We’re on the cusp of a new arms race. That is the description given to the phenomenon involving the world’s largest cloud service providers competing to invest into the largest financial exchanges. Last year, Microsoft announced an investment of £1.5 billion in London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) to provide the exchange with data analytics, cloud ...

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Anusha Sivaramakrishnan

Anusha Sivaramakrishnan Consulting Partner at TCS

AI regulations – a global round up

Artificial Intelligence is advancing at an exponential rate and rapidly changing the world around us in all sectors. Being cognizant of the risks associated, the countries around the world have started drafting and implementing regulatory frameworks to ensure that AI systems are safe, secure, and trustworthy. Leading technology firms, governments ...


Steve Wilcockson

Steve Wilcockson Product Marketing at Quantexa

Niklaus Wirth, and How Financial Computing Can Help Save The Planet

More than a few computing luminaries have sadly passed over recently, unsurprising given many pioneers from the fifties, sixties, and seventies reaching end of life. One who caught my eye was Niklaus Wirth who departed this world on New Year's Day. He was a Swiss computer scientist, associated most with ETH Zurich, but he also had sixties Silicon V...

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Kuldeep Shrimali

Kuldeep Shrimali Consulting Partner at Tata Consultancy Services

Transform thematic investing leveraging AI

Prologue The thematic investing allows clients to invest in long-term ideas and trends and enables them to capture potential opportunities emerging due to economic, technological, and social changes. Broadly, the thematic investment classified as disruptive (OpenAI, autonomous driving), megatrends (demographic shift, resources scarcity) sustainabl...


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