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Expert opinions

Maria Schuld

Maria Schuld Head of Regional and Community Banking at FIS

Key Components of Merger Integration Success

Ben Franklin may not have had a bank merger in mind when he penned this quote, but it certainly applies. Mergers and the related conversions they bring are seminal events that require careful planning, thorough communication, and precise execution. Successful merger-driven integration reflects the following characteristics and components. A consist...

/retail /markets Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Guy Melamed

Guy Melamed CEO at Exberry

Back to Basics: A Wishlist for Cloud Providers from the Financial Exchange Industry

Greater investment in hardware and networking needed to make cloud-based colocation and multicast a reality As some of the world’s largest financial industry participants gathered in Boca Raton last week, one fact that was hard not to miss was the increasing presence (and sponsorship) of the major cloud providers. These cloud providers are investin...

/cloud /markets Capital Markets Technology

Alex Kreger

Alex Kreger Founder & CEO at UXDA

Focus on customer experience for digital transformation success in banking

In a world where the digital revolution is reshaping every corner of our lives, the banking sector stands at a crucial crossroads. The pandemic has not just accelerated the digital transformation in banking; it has made it a do-or-die scenario. As traditional banking models scramble to adapt, a new frontier emerges, one where being digital-first i...

/retail /sustainable Digital Bank Transformation

Nick Green

Nick Green Director at Purple Patch Broking Ltd

Financial crime prevention: Credit provider's cutting-edge approaches

Credit providers understand the critical challenge with the rise of complex financial crimes, from cyber theft to money laundering. Criminals are using advanced technologies—the same ones that make digital banking possible—to break through security defences. In response, credit providers are forced to constantly modernise their approach to crime pr...

/regulation /retail Banking

Kaustuv Ghosh

Kaustuv Ghosh Founder at Prometheus Labs, Next Gen Infra.

Open Banking In The Global South

Open Banking is under continuous discussion and implementation in OECD and European markets. This post provides a brief operator view from the Global South, a region of massive opportunity and diverse needs. I took the liberty of looking at the definition of Open Banking. First, with due acknowledgement to OBIE, UK-"Open Banking is a secure...

/payments /startups Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation



Future of Report

The Future of UK Fintech - 2015-2035

With UK Fintech Week’s flagship event - Innovate Finance Global Summit (ifgs) - returning for its 10th anniversary, Finextra and Innovate Finance have partnered to publish this report, which acts as your go-to-guide to everything you need to know about financial services and technology in the UK. ‘The Future of UK Fintech: 2015 – 2035: An ifgs Special Edition’ includes commentary from the brightest and best across the fintech ecosystem, discussing and debating the crucial issues facing the sector now and in years to come. This includes key insights from industry experts from Cogo, EY, Konsentus, Marqeta, Standard Chartered Ventures and Zopa Bank. Scoping out the next decade to come, this report explores the agenda topics below and more: The Next Decade of FS and Innovation: What Lies Ahead Fintech Beyond FS Borders: How Fintech is Impacting other Industries and Sectors UK and the World: Keeping our Crown while Learning from Others Transformative Technologies: Opportunities and Risks Users of Tomorrow: The Next Generation of Consumers The Shifting Ecosystem: Who Will Lead?


Impact Study

APP Fraud Liability: A Guide for Banks

Fraud is running rampant. The UK Government's 2023 'Fraud Strategy' report highlighted that fraud now accounts for over 40% of crime, yet receives less than 1% of police resources. More needs to be done to ensure that the consumer is protected.  This is why, as per the Financial Services and Markets Bill, all PSPs will now be required to reimburse fraud victims from October 2024. In light of these upcoming changes, banks need to reassess how they manage liability associated with APP fraud and develop new methodologies in order to investigate and mitigate fraud more effectively.  This Finextra impact study, produced in collaboration with Form3, gives banks a guide to tackling the new APP fraud liability landscape. It highlights:  Risk scoring payments  Implementing the right intelligence  Considering false positives  Ensuring explainability  And more. 


White Paper

UK Open Banking API Performance 2022-2023

The UK continues to be at the forefront of the global Open Banking revolution thanks to the proactive attitude of regulators.  As the most advanced Open Banking market in the world, the UK provides an example of best practices in the implementation of API-based Open Banking that other jurisdictions can use as a model.  In this report, we study the performance of the Open Banking APIs exposed by the large CMA9 UK banks, traditional High Street banks, credit card providers and building societies, and new entrant banks (neobanks). Some of our key findings include:  There continue to be significant API performance differences between banks; There is a significant difference in total latency between the fastest and slowest banks; Cloud choice makes a huge difference in performance; And more. Download our analysis of Open Banking API services today to learn more. 




Environmental Finance: Navigating the Climate Crisis - Insights from Planet Tracker’s CEO

In this episode of Unplugged, Robin Millington, CEO of Planet Tracker, addresses the urgency of environmental challenges and the need for action. From rising litigation cases due to false sustainability claims, to Planet Tracker's innovative solutions like deforestation-linked bonds and traceability systems, learn about the push for transparency and accountability in financial decision-making for sustainability.


Long reads

Níamh Curran

Níamh Curran Senior Reporter at Finextra

What’s happening at Temenos?

Temenos shares dropped on 15th February after Hindenburg Research published a report with damning allegations which claimed the company had major accounting irregularities and failed products. Temenos has refuted the allegations made in the report, stating that the claims are inaccurate and false. Here is a recap on the players involved in this sto...

Tracey Dunlap

Tracey Dunlap MD, Customer Experience at Jenius Bank

Banking customer experience in 2024: Personalisation, accessibility and AI

Financial institutions have undergone a reckoning in the last decade, driven by rapid digital transformation and the explosion of fintech apps providing services for everything from budget tracking to crypto investing. Customers are inundated with banking options, and most aren’t settling for just one. Further, expectations are at an all-time high...

Kelly Lane

Kelly Lane Operations Director at Clegg Gifford

Why financial services branches put customer requirements top of the agenda

Amidst the challenges posed by rising energy costs and the surge in e-commerce during and after the pandemic, the UK high street has forged its own unique path. Many businesses, both large and small, have navigated closures or transitioned into the online realm. However, for significant purchases such as insurance, the importance of face-to-face i...