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[Webinar] AI and Synthetic Data: Fighting Financial Fraud and Protecting CustomersFinextra Promoted[Webinar] AI and Synthetic Data: Fighting Financial Fraud and Protecting Customers

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Expert opinions

Steve Haley

Steve Haley Director of Market Development and Partnerships at Mojaloop Foundation

The Evolution of National Payment Systems and the Rise of Digital Sovereignty

Countries are increasingly modernizing their national payment systems to include the 1.4 billion underserved individuals within the digital economy, particularly those who rely on mobile phones and have limited access to traditional bank branches. Integrating unbanked and underbanked citizens into the digital economy allows central banks in emergi...

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan Chief Transformation Officer at Reef

Keeping Customers Loyal When There Is Too Much Choice

93% of consumers compare products online before making a purchase, and with more choice than ever, particularly when it comes to financial services, wealth management and digital asset management, the amount of choice can be confusing. For potential clients, it can be tempting to pick whatever’s easiest rather than struggle to find the best produ...

/people /wealth Trends in Financial Services

Anne Willem De Vries

Anne Willem De Vries Co-founder and CEO at Silverflow

Legacy Systems Are Holding Payments Back

Despite processing millions of payments a day, the payments industry is being held back by outdated technology that has become too integral to replace or integrate with – until now. Legacy systems are already costing the payments industry $36.7 billion per year, a figure that is expected to rise to $57.1 billion by 2028. Rather than addressing sin...

/payments /cloud The Payments Business

James Smith

James Smith MD at Dsruptiv Ltd

What might a Labour government mean for Fintech and Payments in the UK?

A Labour government in the UK could have significant implications for the Fintech and Payments sectors. Key areas that might be affected include changes to the finance landscape, financial services policy, regulation and oversight, innovation, competition, financial inclusion, international positioning, digital infrastructure and education. Here’s...

/payments /startups Fintech

Anup Chandrashekar

Anup Chandrashekar Vice President at Sonata Software

Transforming Banking: Generative AI's Role in Driving Innovation and Resilience

In the dynamic realm of banking, innovation has been the cornerstone of evolution and customer satisfaction. From the pioneering days of ATMs to the digital revolution brought forth by internet and mobile banking, financial institutions have always been at the forefront of embracing technological advancements. Today, as we embark on the cusp of a ...

/ai /retail Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services



Future of Report

The Future of Digital Banking in Europe 2024

A Money20/20 Special Edition. In 2023, fintech investment in the EMEA region dropped to $24.5 billion, down from $49.6 billion in 2022 – a seven year low.  Macroeconomic and global political conditions are creating challenges for growth, with upcoming general elections around the world adding to the uncertainties in financial ecosystems. Despite these challenges, the outlook for European digital banking remains positive.  The region continues to lead in innovation within the financial sector. This Finextra report, a Special Edition for Money20/20 Europe, features interviews with key players in the European financial services and fintech industries. It includes insights from Vodeno, EY, J.P. Morgan, Swift, Tink, and TrueLayer, and explores the following topics that will be addressed in Amsterdam: Hyper-personalisation: Moving towards super apps  Embedded payments driving the Banking-as-a-Service revolution  Variable recurring payments: The next step in European open banking  Is Europe ready for MiCA? From Web1 to Web3, or Markets1 to Markets3  How European fintech is facing macro challenges 


Future of Report

The Future of UK Fintech - 2015-2035

An IFGS Special Edition UK Fintech Week 2024 With UK Fintech Week's flagship event - Innovate Finance Global Summit (IFGS) - returning for its 10th anniversary, Finextra and Innovate Finance have partnered to publish this report, which acts as your go-to-guide to everything you need to know about financial services and technology in the UK. ‘The Future of UK Fintech: 2015 – 2035: An IFGS Special Edition’ includes commentary from the brightest and best across the fintech ecosystem, discussing and debating the crucial issues facing the sector now and in years to come. This includes key insights from industry experts from Cogo, EY, Konsentus, Marqeta, Standard Chartered Ventures, and Zopa Bank. Scoping out the next decade to come, this report explores the agenda topics below and more: The Next Decade of FS and Innovation: What Lies Ahead Fintech Beyond FS Borders: How Fintech is Impacting other Industries and Sectors UK and the World: Keeping our Crown while Learning from Others Transformative Technologies: Opportunities and Risks Users of Tomorrow: The Next Generation of Consumers The Shifting Ecosystem: Who Will Lead?


Impact Study

APP Fraud Liability: A Guide for Banks

Fraud is running rampant. The UK Government's 2023 'Fraud Strategy' report highlighted that fraud now accounts for over 40% of crime, yet receives less than 1% of police resources. More needs to be done to ensure that the consumer is protected.  This is why, as per the Financial Services and Markets Bill, all PSPs will now be required to reimburse fraud victims from October 2024. In light of these upcoming changes, banks need to reassess how they manage liability associated with APP fraud and develop new methodologies in order to investigate and mitigate fraud more effectively.  This Finextra impact study, produced in collaboration with Form3, gives banks a guide to tackling the new APP fraud liability landscape. It highlights:  Risk scoring payments  Implementing the right intelligence  Considering false positives  Ensuring explainability  And more. 




2025 - 2030: Predictions for Real-Time Payments, ISO20022 and APIs

At EBAday 2024, Akshat Saharia, Head of European Financial Institutions Product and Propositions, Global Payments Solutions, HSBC discusses the biggest changes to occur across the cross-border payments landscape in the next five years. While 90% of cross-border transactions complete in 30 mins, the other 10% can be delayed, resulting in frustration and a lack of transparency. Robust change will be seen with real-time payment schemes opening up for cross-border payments. In turn, with ISO20022 being mandated from November 2025, banks in the world will be operating with enhanced data, standardised information and LEIs which will significantly enhance STP and reduce costs. Digital transformation through the use of APIs will also bolster end-to-end connectivity, paving the way for value-added services offering increased transparency and verification with Confirmation of Payee.


Long reads

Hamish Monk

Hamish Monk Reporter at Finextra

Hyper-personalisation - Are super-apps over?

Hyper-personalisation has become something of a buzzword in discussions of the Future of Digital Banking in Europe. On the ground there are many holes that need to be plugged – both in terms of the technology and scalability – before it can become prevalent. A Deloitte report, ‘The Future of Retail Banking: The Hyper-Personalisation Imperative’, ...

Hamish Monk

Hamish Monk Reporter at Finextra

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s super-app: How to use hyper-personalisation in your business

The super-app is the final boss of hyper-personalisation; the assembled endgame of the personal finance app (PFA). Look up – it’s swooping down to save the day; dropping a gamut of services in the palm of end-users’ hands. Alas, the term ‘super-app’ has become something of a nebulous catchphrase in the land of financial services. To help demystify ...

Sehrish Alikhan

Sehrish Alikhan Reporter at Finextra

What Gen Z want from UK fintech

As the digital era of financial services progresses, the UK fintech sector has reached new and diverse audiences that have varying demands from their financial providers. Gen Z is a significant demographic that are currently entering or are in the workforce, and having been raised in a more virtual and digitalised environment, expect ease, speed, ...