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Disruption in Retail Banking

Growth in internet and mobile technologies has transformed many industries and economies. The market forces and competitive landscape has completely changed in many sectors. iTunes has fundamentally changed music industry, Amazon has driven most big brick and mortar book sellers out of business, Expedia is one of the worlds' biggest travel company….. the list goes on.

Ori Bauer

Ori Bauer CEO at Dynamic Yield, a Mastercard company

Why Organisational Alignment Is Key to Achieving Personalisation Maturity in Financial Services

Customer experience is everything – in fact, 61% of people are unlikely to return to a brand that does not provide, at minimum, a satisfactory one[1]. And when it comes to experience, personalisation is crucial; 72% of consumers rated it as “highly important” in today’s financial services landscape.[2] Key to delivering the relevant, convenient, ...

Alex Kreger

Alex Kreger Founder & CEO at UXDA

Тo Enter Banking with X, Musk Needs to Overcome Critical UX Challenges

Knowing Elon Musk's large-scale approach, his intention to turn X into a bank could have disruptive consequences for the banking industry. However, the conflict between the existing UX patterns of a social network and the implementation of financial functions can complicate the transformation. Back on Track with X A few days ago, Elon Musk announc...

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Alex Kreger

Alex Kreger Founder & CEO at UXDA

Banking Technology: Delivering the Next-Gen UX to Surpass Disruption

As the usage of physical cash diminishes and digital consumption skyrockets, traditional banks are undergoing a seismic shift to adapt to changing customer preferences. Digital transformation is reshaping industries and consumer behaviors, and the banking sector stands at a crossroads, poised to redefine our financial experiences in unprecedented ...

/retail /cloud

Jeremy Takle

Jeremy Takle Founder and CEO at Pennyworth

Consumer duty: can banks really become guardians of financial wellbeing?

In a time characterised by changing customer and regulatory expectations, the banking industry faces increasing challenges living up to higher standards – a potent example being the introduction later this month of the New Consumer Duty. In this article, we explore the limitations of old banks in meeting renewed expectations and discuss how new ba...

/regulation /retail

Luigi Wewege

Luigi Wewege President at Caye International Bank

After E.U. Bail-Ins and Capital Controls, European Bank Depositors Have a Short Memory

When it comes to investment mistakes and significant events, I am often amazed to see how short people's memories are. One would think that where billions have been wiped off private equity, we as humans will take heed, learn from these gigantic events of our recent past, and be more safely diversified. Since a famous late individual said, "W...

/retail /predictions

Bhavesh Vaghela

Bhavesh Vaghela SVP B2B Product and Innovation at Collinson

2023 predictions

2023 predictions Happy new year! What a year 2022 has been. It was nice to meet family and see friends last year after the restrictions of the years before. However, 2022 went for you time for a new year, a new start and new predictions! But first, let's look back and see how I did in my predictions from last year. 3 out of 3, that's my first 100...

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Jeremy Takle

Jeremy Takle Founder and CEO at Pennyworth

Why banking needs a financial time machine

Many people wish they had a better sense of their financial future. Worried they'll find out too late they're less financially comfortable than they had hoped. What if, instead, they had access to a time machine? A technology that could help them see into their future and, if needed, go back and make changes in the present. This is our vision for...

/retail /startups

Jordan Glazier

Jordan Glazier CEO at Wildfire Systems

Rewards Programs Help Banks Retain Customers and Drive New Revenue

Banks are experiencing a sea change in the competitive landscape from an increasingly fragmented set of nascent fintech competitors and the platoon of “Buy Now, Pay Later” startups and in addition to traditional competition from other banks and the newer payments competitors such as PayPal. This year alone, almost 3,000 new fintechs have been mint...


Sergei Artimenia

Sergei Artimenia Managing Director at

Traditional Institutions in the Banking War: What Are the Chances to Win

The massive changes that take place in the banking sector are often portrayed as the intense competition within the industry, namely between progressive institutions and those considered traditional ones. Instinctively, being a "progressive" bank looks more appealing than being called a “traditional” bank. That is why it would look like m...

/retail /inclusion

Helene Panzarino

Helene Panzarino Banking-innovation consultant & evangelist at

Small business needs taxis not tankers

Large incumbent banks don’t serve small and medium-sized businesses well. Dress it up in euphemisms like ‘It’s an underserved market’ all you want; the reality is they get the short straw when it comes to banking. This fact will come as no surprise to anyone watching the US cope with Covid in the past year. Getting emergency loan funds out to SMBs...

/retail /startups

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