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Digital Bank Transformation

This is a blog group for all topics related to Digital Bank Transformation, from incumbents to start-ups, to Wholesale and Investment banking. Technology is advancing like never before...this is a group for ensuring best practice is celebrated and shared.

Siobhan Byron

Siobhan Byron EVP, Universal Banking at Finastra

Is core banking transformation key to sustainable success?

Given the transformative role that finance plays in peoples’ lives, advanced banking products and services should be accessible to all. Financial services should be delivered when and where customers need it, at a price point that is attractive to customers and profitable to financial institutions of all types, including banks, credit unions and b...

John Bertrand

John Bertrand MD at Tec 8 Limited

Future of Payment Review – who will pay?

Future of Payment review published in 2023 on behalf of the UK Government, reflected the complexity of the current environment in the UK for instant payment. The review is clear that the UK needs to move to the next generation of instant payment with timely and accurate information. However, who will pay for that move? The Future of Payment Review...

/payments /regulation

Anand Kanzariya

Anand Kanzariya Marketing Manager at Aixtor Technologies

What is Digital Transformation and why is it Important?

What is Digital Transformation? Digital transformation is a process applied to integrate new or existing digital technology into a certain area of the business. The redesign and reconfiguration of the digital module help in building up the brand identity and adding value to the customers. A wide range of companies have adopted innovative and mo...

/cloud /startups

Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor CEO at AccessPay

ISO 20022 is fast approaching. Why are most corporates and FIs unprepared?

After years of decision-making, discussion, and delays, ISO 20022 is finally happening. The wide variety of legacy message and data formats that all institutional and corporate entities use to make or receive payments will converge into this common standard by next year. In a survey conducted at the tail end of last year, why did 52% of corporate ...

/payments /predictions

Alex Kreger

Alex Kreger Founder & CEO at UXDA

Focus on customer experience for digital transformation success in banking

In a world where the digital revolution is reshaping every corner of our lives, the banking sector stands at a crucial crossroads. The pandemic has not just accelerated the digital transformation in banking; it has made it a do-or-die scenario. As traditional banking models scramble to adapt, a new frontier emerges, one where being digital-first i...

/retail /sustainable

Michael Boukadakis

Michael Boukadakis CEO at ENACOMM

It's Time for Bankers to Make a Technology Priority List, and Check It Twice

If bankers want to survive, they cannot afford to choose complacency when it comes to technological innovation. In fact, they should bet their careers on replacing outdated systems and solutions. If a banking core doesn't allow for innovation – the continual updating of capabilities, channels, interfaces and processes – it needs to be replaced. Ot...

/retail /predictions

Prakash Pattni

Prakash Pattni MD, Financial Services Digital Transformation at IBM Cloud

How financial services institutions can securely drive innovation and reduce risk in the year ahead

We have seen cloud computing experience exponential growth over the last few years. As this trajectory continues into 2024, we expect enterprises to simultaneously balance innovation with risk management and meeting the growing demands of regulators, which include managing and mitigating cloud concentration risks and operational resilience. Withou...

/cloud /predictions

Ben Goldin

Ben Goldin Founder and CEO at Plumery

It ain’t what you do…

The essence of what makes a great bank has not really changed in terms of the purpose they serve. Consumers have always wanted exemplary customer service, a wide selection of products and services, and a safe and secure environment that protects their hard-earned money. But what has changed irrevocably is the way in which these elements are delive...


Ben Goldin

Ben Goldin Founder and CEO at Plumery

Digital Banking Experience: A new answer to the classic ‘build or buy?’ question

Creative digital disruption facing the banking sector is set to continue for several more years, certainly until the last of the high street branches closes its door. But how do both long-established banks and newer competitors not only stay in the game, but emerge victorious? It’s all down to one question. One that all banks would have most cert...

/retail /devops

Dmitriy Wolkenstein

Dmitriy Wolkenstein CEO at TIMVERO

The Importance of understanding profitability of each customer

What are we discussing here? In this piece, we will delve into a method that empowers banks with deeper insights into their existing operations, facilitating a structured approach to discerning primary revenue sources and gearing up for impending challenges. Visualize this scenario: You're a bank CEO going through the quarterly financial results ...

/retail /startups

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