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Harriet Christie

Harriet Christie Chief Operating Officer at Mirrorweb

Whatsapp Compliance, Self-Reporting, and Ripping off the Bandaid

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is trying to instigate deep cultural change around compliance following a high-profile crackdown on ‘off-channel’ communications. Many firms find themselves in a difficult scenario – a kind of regulatory purgatory where they know that they need to make significant changes to their recordkeeping infrastruct...

/regulation /wealth RegTech

Hemal Jayasinghe

Hemal Jayasinghe Chief Business Officer- Banking Transformation at LTIMindtree

Unlocking Opportunities for Growth in Fintech Through AI

As the fintech sector continues to evolve, businesses are increasingly recognising the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in optimising operations and elevating customer experiences. Historically, industries, such as FinTech have thrived on transformative tech and have used it to keep pace with changing customer needs. The wi...

/people /predictions Fintech

Irina Latushkina

Irina Latushkina Chief Business Development Officer at AIROME Technologies

Modern banking: technological or human?

12 years ago I was a client of a super safe bank with an absolutely disgusting client service. For example, when I came once to the brunch to get some cash without a plastic card, they gave me 90% and froze the card after all – in accordance with their security policies. It was the last drop, so I moved to a fully digital bank after all. At that

/payments /retail Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Stephen Carter

Stephen Carter Director of Payments Strategy at Ivalua

22 days later: how supplier payment zombies are stifling business success

We’ve seen a significant rise in inflation over the past year, leading to increasing market uncertainty and ultimately causing costs to spiral for many businesses. Meanwhile, the economy is recovering from a series of black swan events over recent years – from Brexit to global conflict and supply shortages. These issues have impacted businesses’ b...

/payments /cloud Fintech

Eldad Tamir

Eldad Tamir Founder and CEO at FINQ

Harnessing real-time market data for informed investment decisions

The financial landscape is constantly evolving, driven by technological progress and an ever-growing influx of information. This shift highlights the crucial role of real-time market data in making informed investment decisions. Access to up-to-the-minute market information provides investors with a competitive advantage, enabling them to respond ...

/startups /markets Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Azimkhon Askarov

Azimkhon Askarov Co-partner at CONCRYT

Real Time Payments; Who’s leading the way, and should the rest follow?

Real-time B2B payments are surging in popularity globally. It’s estimated that up to half of B2B payments will be made in real-time by 2025, and for good reason. But discrepancies in growth between regions, and barriers to full adoption remain. Azimkhon Askarov, Co-partner of CONCRYT, looks at why we should work to overcome these barriers to unlo...

/payments /markets

Julia Khandoshko

Julia Khandoshko CEO at Mind Money

The IPO Market Is Back In Business—With SpaceX, Reddit, and Stripe Dominating 2024

The IPO market was challenged by 2023. Last year, there were 154 IPOs on the US stock market, which is 15% lower than in 2022. Both younger and more mature companies delayed their IPO because of the geopolitics and continuous pandemic outcomes. However, the “IPO drought” can finally come to an end in 2024. And Reddit’s IPO this year is one of the...

/markets /predictions

Catherine Sierra Espinosa

Catherine Sierra Espinosa Project Manager - Digital Financial Services at NTT DATA EMEAL

Beyond the buzzword: applications of Generative AI across Banking and Financial Services

Throughout history, radical new ideas have always been the catalyst for profound change. From a technology perspective, the events that have shaped the world the most are the invention of an innovative new solution. In the early 1980s, the launch of the internet and the ensuing era of big data changed the state of play for global business forever. ...

/retail Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Sarp Demiray

Sarp Demiray CEO at European Merchant Bank

What will traditional banks be doing in 10 years?

Over the last five years, the digital banking sector has experienced significant growth and transformation, driven by technological advances and changes in consumer behavior. Many Europeans already have a digital bank or banking product in their pocket, and this trend is making inroads into emerging markets. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the u...


Anuj Goel

Anuj Goel CEO at Cyware

Financial cyber defence: gearing up for DORA

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is a new European regulation designed to fortify the cybersecurity landscape and ensure financial firms can effectively manage digital risks. Coming into effect in January 2025, financial entities have a matter of months to ensure their cybersecurity capabilities align with a number of new DORA requirem...

/regulation Regulatory Reporting