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Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Boris Bialek

Boris Bialek Field CTO, Industry Solutions at MongoDB

Transforming Financial Institutions for Quicker Settlement Cycles

On the 28th of May, 2024, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States will implement a pivotal change in the securities trading sector: moving to a T+1 settlement cycle. This shift – reducing the settlement period from two business days after the trade date to just one – is a strategic move to mitigate market volatility a...

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Nick Sime

Nick Sime Director of Fraud & Credit Risk Modelling at Jaywing Risk

Risk Model Development – The Next Generation

In the world of financial services where risk management is paramount, we’ve all seen artificial intelligence and machine learning rapidly transforming the landscape. In fact, a recent survey by the Bank of England and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) revealed that 72% of UK financial firms are already using or developing AI/ML applications, ...


Nicholas Holt

Nicholas Holt Head of Solutions and Delivery, Europe at Marqeta

2024 Fintech Forecast: The Year of Flexible, AI-Powered Personalised Credit

In the UK, 2023 was dominated by the continued impact of the cost of living crisis and rising inflation, leading to tighter budget restraints and growing consumer demand to have more control over their finances. In 2024, I I predict the desire for flexibility will continue, through growing demand for new features and technologies such as Buy Now, ...

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Satyam Kumar

Satyam Kumar Senior Software Engineer | Innovation Team | at GSC-India Societe Generale Bank

A Case for Distributed Computing for LLMs in Fintech

Previous year i.e., 2023 has clearly been a standout year in terms of advancements in field of AI domain. Traditionally it’s always been felt that to get the most out of AI one need a strong investment in infrastructure and support. It’s never been as clear as last year due to the virtue of advent of Generative AI. Most of the traditional AI tech...

Steve Wilcockson

Steve Wilcockson Product Marketing at KX

Three GenAI Terms Financial Practitioners Learnt in 2023

2023 was a troublesome year for many on our planet – wars, violence, population displacement, catastrophes, extremism, higher costs of living and poverty. Folks working in our industry were comparatively lucky, some of us invigorated by the exciting GenerativeAI tornado. Just as HFT transformed the vocabulary of capital markets in the 2000s, and d...

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Bo Harald

Bo Harald Chairman/Founding member, board member at Transmeri, Demos, Real Time Economy Program,MyData

Credentials galore - the new megatrend

2023 was the year when it was widely realised that e-identification - important as it is - is just one credential building the e-identity of citizens and organisations. With the already available EUDI-compliant general purpose and automatically interoperable wallet applications for all issuers, holders and service providers - we could start helpin...

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Satyam Kumar

Satyam Kumar Senior Software Engineer | Innovation Team | at GSC-India Societe Generale Bank

LLMs, RAGs and a Smart Golden repository

In today’s world when data has become the integral driver for the businesses, the need for the streamlining and effectively managing the dataflows has become one of the top priorities of the businesses. There are multiple challenges in doing so. The shear amount of data is one such challenge, the variety of data we are witnessing is completely a d...

Ameesh Divatia

Ameesh Divatia Co-founder and CEO at Baffle

How Financial Services Companies Secure Data in a RAG GenAI Environment

Few industries have the competitive pressure to innovate — while under as much public and regulatory scrutiny for data privacy and security — as the financial services sector. So, as companies implement new applications and services using large language model (LLM) AI platforms like ChatGPT, the financial services industry must take a different ap...


Thorsten Hein

Thorsten Hein Principal Product Marketing Mgr. & Insurance Lead at SAS

Refresh, Rewire and Remodel: How AI will help insurers survive and thrive in 2024

As 2023 draws to a close, the insurance industry faces a landscape rich with possibilities and fraught with potential failure. Insurers are faced with having to answer the existential threat of climate change alongside the expanding use of artificial intelligence (AI) as regulation evolves in real time. In 2024, many experts predict that insurers ...

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Priya Kumari

Priya Kumari Digital Content Marketing Specialist at MSys Technologies

Maximizing Conversions While Minimizing Financial Fraud: The Benefits of Machine Learning Models

Introduction In today's dynamic and increasingly digital financial landscape, the quest for maximizing conversions while minimizing financial fraud has become a top priority for businesses. Machine learning models play a pivotal role in achieving this dual objective, as they are adept at quickly and efficiently processing and analyzing vast amount...

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