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Nameer Khan

Nameer Khan Founder and CEO at Fils

On International Water Day, How can Fintech Stem the Flow of Climate Change?

Every year, March 22nd marks a somewhat solemn reflection on the state of the world’s water security. The bedrock of all known life, water is a fundamental need for all communities, depicted throughout literature as a unifying symbol of life and renewal. However, this year’s International Water Day warns against a not so far future in which water i...

/payments /sustainable Innovation in Financial Services

Siobhan Byron

Siobhan Byron EVP, Universal Banking at Finastra

Navigating the terrain of composable banking with pragmatism and purpose

Few industries rely on technology as much as the financial services industry does. In fact, Gartner estimates that banks spend more than $650 billion on technology each year. Some question whether banks are spending enough, especially when customer expectations are rising, competition is increasing, and the regulatory burden shows no signs of slow...

/cloud Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Leetal Gruper

Leetal Gruper Co-Founder & CEO at Tarci

The Impact of Holiday Seasons on Small Business Success: Unveiling Trends and Strategies

In the dynamic realm of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the holiday season isn't always a time of pure celebration. Recent data analysis sheds light on intriguing patterns in SMB activity, revealing spikes in closures during certain months contrasted by a surge in new incorporations as the New Year unfolds. This blog delves into these f...

/markets /predictions Business

Nick Green

Nick Green Director at Purple Patch Broking Ltd

Monitoring financial crime services: Avoiding excessive bureau fees

Financial crime damages the trust and stability that the economy relies on. As criminals use more advanced technology, there's a bigger need for smart and quick action—extending far beyond regulatory adherence. And that’s where the bureaux come in. Bureaux play a key role—using powerful tools to analyse data and spot risks before crime occurs. The...

/retail /crime Banking and Lending Solutions

Janine Grainger

Janine Grainger CEO at Easy Crypto

Crypto taxes: ignorance is never bliss!

Crypto has become the darling of alternative investments, captivating the financial world with heart-stopping falls (hello 2021 and 2022) and meteoric rises (hello 2024 and the potential effects of halving). But amidst the adrenaline-fuelled rollercoaster ride that is crypto trading, many enthusiasts forget about taxation - mistakenly assuming cry...

/inclusion /crypto

Brad Strock

Brad Strock SVP, Group Executive, Payments at FIS

Powering financial inclusion with card processing technology

Card issuers have a critical role to play in the drive to create a more inclusive financial system. And thanks to advances in technology, they are getting better and better at fulfilling that important obligation. Customers are banking on innovation For consumers, technology has long been a key driver of financial inclusion, especially among unbank...

/payments /retail Digital Banking Trends

Grant MacDonald

Grant MacDonald Director of Financial Crime at Experian

Uniting against financial crime: the crucial role of data sharing

Financial crime poses a serious threat to the UK economy, costing billions annually and undermining financial stability. The National Crime Agency estimates that the cost of money laundering in the UK stands at anything between £36 billion and £90 billion, costing an eye-watering £290 billion to the economy – it’s clear that action is crucial. Thi...

/crime Exposing Financial Crime

Mikhail Yegorin

Mikhail Yegorin Head of PR at Jusan Bank

The rise of digital banking in Kazakhstan

Digital banking is becoming the norm for people and businesses across the UK, US and beyond – but did you know it’s also growing rapidly in Kazakhstan, Central Asia’s largest country? Internet banking penetration is forecast to reach 23% in 2024, not far behind some European countries, but this only tells part of the story. A geographic necessity ...

/retail /inclusion Fintech

Silvija Krupena

Silvija Krupena Director of FIU at RedCompass Labs

Like Meta, banks have a responsibility to tackle online child sexual exploitation

Following National Child Exploitation Awareness Day, it is important to note that the online child sexual exploitation (CSE) model has shifted with social media. What we once thought could only take place in faraway lands is now also happening under our noses in our neighbourhoods. In North America and Europe, we are seeing an alarming increase i...

/payments /crime Exposing Financial Crime

Serhii Bondarenko

Serhii Bondarenko Artificial Intelegence at Tickeron

Five AI-Driven Strategies for Effective Stock Screening

In the evolving landscape of financial trading, the disparity between hedge funds, institutional investors, and retail investors has been pronounced, primarily due to the former's access to extensive research resources and advanced technological platforms. This advantage has historically enabled these larger entities to outpace individual investor...

/inclusion /crime Artificial Intelligence