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Serter Kazim Solak

Serter Kazim Solak Data Engineer Manager at Yapi Kredi Bank

Bridging Data Science and Engineering for Sustainable Banking Experience

In this article, I am going to explain how bridging the gap between data scientists and engineers may help your company unlock the full potential of the data. I will demonstrate collaborative strategies that focus on sustainability and emphasise the relationship between data science and sustainability based on the project titled “Step”. Step is a ...


Adhikar Babu

Adhikar Babu Product Manager at Worldpay

A Fintech PM's note on Payments Tokenization 101

The changes in the e-commerce and digital transactions sphere have been evident for quite some time now, as we dwell in a period with such developments occurring at an accelerating pace. Given this context, the need for safeguarding critical financial data has never been greater. With more and more individuals trusting their financial information ...

John Bertrand

John Bertrand MD at Tec 8 Limited

Future of Payment Review UK – six months on

Joe Garner’s Future of Payment review published in 2023 on behalf of the UK Government reflected the complexity of the current instant payment UK environment. The situation has allowed the UK’s early leadership in global instant payments to decline. The UK is starting to fall behind in terms of person-to-person payments made by bank account transf...

/payments /regulation Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Hirander Misra

Hirander Misra Chairman and CEO at GMEX Group

Interoperability: the misused word in Carbon Credits Markets Technology

According to the World Economic Forum, there is a $4-5 trillion dollar climate financing gap hindering a climate-resilient future, yet financial capacity building is also being hindered by fragmented, siloed and analogue approaches. To seriously address climate change, we must question and challenge what is already before us. It is not as simple

/sustainable /markets Climate Fintech

Mikhail Yegorin

Mikhail Yegorin Head of PR at Jusan Bank

How technology and reforms are letting more people in Kazakhstan grow wealth

Retail investing has exploded in global popularity in recent years, with retail investors expected to account for 61% of global assets under management by 2030, up from 52% in 2021. The past few years have also seen headline news made by global retail investors, from the ‘meme stock’ craze to recent rushes into stocks such as Reddit and Nvidia. Wh...

/wealth /retail Financial Inclusion

Janine Grainger

Janine Grainger CEO at Easy Crypto

What everyday investors need to know about a ‘Bitcoin halving’

As we head towards mid April, the investment world is abuzz with speculation and hype around the upcoming ‘Bitcoin halving’. But what is a Bitcoin halving, and why is it so significant in terms of price? More pointedly - should we place our faith in predictions around the current Bitcoin halving leading to a bull run? And if prices do inflate, wil...

/crypto /markets

Sergiy Fitsak

Sergiy Fitsak Managing Director, Fintech Expert at Softjourn

How FedNow is Shaping Payments Since its Groundbreaking Launch

In the six months following its groundbreaking launch in July 2023, FedNow has emerged as a transformative force in real-time payments, marking a significant departure from the traditional Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. This shift signifies a pivotal moment in banking innovation, offering instantaneous transaction processing that aligns wi...

/payments /retail Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Eric Bierry

Eric Bierry CEO at Sopra Banking Software

Three European Banking Trends Poised to Transform the U.S.

Europe’s banking landscape today looks significantly different than it did just a few years ago, largely defined by new regulations that have emerged in response to consumers’ shifting financial behaviors. Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and its successor, Payment Services Directive 3 (PSD3), for example, have transformed open banking from a n...

/retail Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Phil Ashton

Phil Ashton Chief HR Officer at Quant

Making the transition to agile performance management

​Over the last 10 years, there has been a shift away from the outdated, annual performance review model, towards a new, flexible alternative – continuous, or agile performance management. ​This new approach seeks to replace the formality and rigidity of annual reviews, with a regular cadence of quarterly, or even monthly check-ins that are less f...

/payments /people Blockchain in Banking and Financial Services

Dmytro Spilka

Dmytro Spilka Director and Founder at Solvid, Coinprompter

How Emerging Technology Turned Algorithmic Trading Into the King of Institutional Investing

The ongoing generative AI boom has brought automation technology back into the spotlight across several sectors, and for the world of institutional investing, the rise of the machines has helped to uncover plenty of opportunities in the form of algorithmic trading. When it comes to the technology sector in particular, artificial intelligence is a...