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Sergiy Fitsak

Sergiy Fitsak Managing Director, Fintech Expert at Softjourn

The Rise of ESG in Fintech: Ethical Finance's Impact on Fintech Companies

The fintech sector is undergoing significant changes as it embraces sustainability and ethical principles. This movement, known as green fintech, is transforming financial services to address environmental and social issues. Understanding Ethical Finance Traditional financial metrics such as profitability and revenue remain crucial, but ethical fin...

/payments /retail Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Simon Horswell

Simon Horswell Fraud Specialist Manager at Onfido

From Friction to Fluidity: Ensuring Security and User Experience in Finance

In today’s digital world, 81% of people access online services daily. Against this backdrop, verifying identities online has become a new business standard. It’s a yardstick to measure an organisation’s digital readiness and resilience, which is why 1 in 2 end users now encounter digital identity verification (IDV) during the registration process....

/identity Digital Identity Management

Evgeny Filichkin

Evgeny Filichkin Investment Advisor at Keytom

Restaking in Crypto: The Next Big Thing or a Risky Gamble?

The cryptocurrency market has recently been witnessing a significant shift towards restaking, a process where crypto assets are locked up to earn additional rewards. In fact, it has become the second-largest sector in DeFi, with over $18 billion worth of crypto moving towards such platforms by the end of May 2024. However, as restaking gains pop...

/crypto /markets

Raktim Singh

Raktim Singh Senior Industry Principal at Infosys

Scalable Vector Database: The power behind recommendation engines

A Scalable Vector Database, a cutting-edge solution, is meticulously designed to efficiently manage high-dimensional vector data. Unlike traditional databases that handle data types such as strings and integers, vector databases are specifically engineered to store, index, and query vectors, which are numerical arrays representing features or chara...

/ai /retail Technology for Social Good

Alex Kreger

Alex Kreger Founder & CEO at UXDA

The AI Wars: Will On-Device Apple AI Outpace Cloud-Based Banking AI?

Integrating AI into banking services will obviously revolutionize the user experience in financial services, offering real-time advice and 24/7 transaction monitoring. However, this shift not only enhances user experience but also addresses critical data privacy concerns. Unlike traditional cloud-based AI, on-device AI, as introduced by Apple, pro...

/retail /predictions Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Hilary Smyth-Allen

Hilary Smyth-Allen Executive Director at SuperTech

Turning Roadmap Inputs into Outputs

As shone through in our recently launched Research and Innovation Roadmap, Productivity, alongside Open Data, Sustainability and Inclusion and Wellness are the key themes that consistently emerged as critical focus areas. Despite apparent initiative differences on the surface, these themes frequently align and are relevant across all end-markets e...

Robert Kraal

Robert Kraal Co-founder and CBDO at Silverflow

Are Payments A Commodity or Force Multiplier?

Say ‘Mississippi’. In the time it took you to say it, $199,771 USD was spent online – the $6.3 trillion eCommerce market divided by the 31,536,000 seconds in a year. If every sale made in that single second was routed to the average global citizen’s bank account instead of hundreds of companies then, since they earn $9,733 per year, they would ma...

/payments /startups The Payments Business

Rodrigo Zepeda

Rodrigo Zepeda CEO at Storm-7 Consulting Limited

A Guide to FCA Cryptoasset AML/CTF Applications for Crypto Firms: PART I

In June 2024, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published feedback on good and poor quality applications under the existing cryptoasset anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CTF) regime (Feedback). The Feedback identified that out of 347 applications from crypto firms received by the FCA since January 2020, only 47 appli...

/crypto /crime Cryptocurrency Insights

Cheryl Chiodi

Cheryl Chiodi Industry Strategist, Financial Services at Akamai

Observations from EBADay Lisbon and a Reflection from the Past

Lessons from the Past Prove Why Instant Payments Must Prioritize Security by Design Having just returned from an incredible week in Lisbon at EBADay 2024, I am eager to share insights from this year’s theme, “Orchestrating the Dialogue on Payments - The Collaborative Advantage.” The event encouraged collaboration and featured provocative conversat...

/security /payments API

Simon Kent

Simon Kent Global Head of Financial Services at Kearney

Why top management in banking must act now to capitalize on AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to transform the banking industry as we know it, and top management in the sector must prepare for this period of disruption before it is too late. If they do, the rewards are significant with industry leaders already predicting that AI could boost revenues by almost $1 trillion by 2030[1]. While banks are curre...

/ai /retail Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

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