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Helena Wood

Helena Wood Head of Public Policy at Cifas

Driving the next generation of fraud reforms

With a General Election announced for 4 July, now is the perfect time for a stock take on the progress made over the past decade in relation to tackling fraud. For the most part, this was a decade in which fraud felt like the Cinderella of the criminal justice system; a crime neglected by politicians and police alike while other crime types receiv...

/regulation /crime Exposing Financial Crime

Adam Lieberman

Adam Lieberman Chief AI Officer at Finastra

Exploring Gen AI use cases in financial services

With the explosion of Gen AI in recent times, financial services organizations are looking to harness the technology to its fullest potential. Early forms of generative AI have been used across the industry for a decade, particularly in the form of synthetic data generation, but fear and fascination dominate boardroom conversations in equal mea

/ai /regulation Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes VP and General Manager, UK at Cowbell Cyber

AI’s role in FS businesses’ cyber defence and risk assessment

It’s no surprise to see cybersecurity holding its position as one of the Financial Services (FS) sector’s most discussed topics right now. While some may assume that major FS businesses have robust cyber defences - thinking they’re perhaps impervious to hackers - the number of cybersecurity breaches for UK FS firms has in fact tripled over the last...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Jamel Derdour

Jamel Derdour CMO at Transact365 / Nucleus365

Exploring the Growth of Digital Payments in Latin America

Latin America, a region renowned for its vibrant culture, diverse landscapes, and rich history, is undergoing a profound transformation in the realm of payments. With the rapid advancement of technology and the increasing adoption of digital solutions, the payments landscape in Latin America is experiencing unprecedented growth, reshaping the way ...

/payments /markets Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Ketharaman Swaminathan

Ketharaman Swaminathan Founder and CEO at GTM360 Marketing Solutions

Ten Revolutionary Things About AI - Part 2

In Ten Revolutionary Things About AI - Part 1, we described five gamechangers about ChatGPT and other Generative Artificial Intelligence platforms. In this Part 2, we shall cover five revolutionary things about AI. 6. Weird Regulatory Proposals There are broadly two lobbies for regulating Gen AI: A) Closed Source (via Sam Altman and Vinod Khosla)...

/ai /regulation

Paul Holland

Paul Holland CEO at Beyond Encryption

Digital revolution: Why future-proofing operations is crucial in the financial services industry

The digital revolution is well underway and over the past few years, we have witnessed many industries beginning to harness innovative technologies, such as AI. However, a significant number of businesses across financial services are ill-prepared to benefit from the newest technologies, due to a reliance on legacy systems. This dependence on outd...

Joris Lochy

Joris Lochy Product Manager at Intix | Co-founder at Capilever

Unifying Payment Systems: Embracing ISO 20022 for Global Interoperability

In recent years, the world of payments has been undergoing a significant transformation. Historically, international payments were dominated by major players like SWIFT, VISA, MasterCard, and a handful of large international banks. However, this landscape is rapidly evolving due to the rise of new payment rails, Open and Embedded Banking, and the ...

/payments Payments strategies 2015-2020-2030

Ahmad Almoosa

Ahmad Almoosa Cofounder & CEO at McLedger Accounting

Embracing the AI Revolution: A Holistic Approach to Workforce Transformation

In the dynamic landscape of the workplace, the infusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undeniably reshaping job roles and necessitating a strategic overhaul of workforce dynamics. Far from being a threat, AI brings unparalleled efficiencies, opening new horizons for job evolution rather than job loss. In this transformation era, organizations

/ai Artificial Intelligence

Alex Kreger

Alex Kreger Founder & CEO at UXDA

Choose the Right Software Vendor for UX Excellence in Digital Banking

Software vendors are crucial. They provide digital solutions to help banks operate efficiently and meet customer expectations. However, while ready-to-use solutions offer speed and convenience, they often fall short in delivering a tailor-made user experience that aligns with a bank's unique brand, strategy and customer needs. How can banks choose...

/retail /devops Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

King Leung

King Leung Head of Financial Services and FinTech at InvestHK

Green finance is Hong Kong’s golden opportunity to lead Asia’s net-zero mission

Few can doubt China’s leadership in advancing green tech and green energy. Solar installations are growing at a pace that would increase global capacity by 85% by 2025. China today has more solar panels installed in large-scale projects than the rest of the world combined. While China has taken the global e-vehicle (EV) market by storm as the wor...

/sustainable /inclusion Asia Financial Services

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