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Boris Bialek

Managing Director, Industry Solutions at MongoDB
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Bio Boris Bialek joined MongoDB in July 2019 as Head of Innovation for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Since July 2021 Boris built the Industry Solutions teams and is now Managing Director, Industry Solutions leading the vertical use cases for MongoDB. Boris is the trusted adviser to the executive community of enterprise accounts, assists in structuring and planning of solution landscapes, driving innovation and future roadmaps. MongoDB is using his discussions with clients as input for MongoDB product management and development influencing future development.


Data Management and Governance

Next-generation data platforms: the key to innovation in financial services

18 h

Data has become one of the most valuable currencies in business today, but too often legacy technology that still underpins many organisations is not built to support the amount, diversity or speed of it. Not only is this infrastructure costly and complex, it doesn’t support the diversity of workloads and functions that modern applications require...

Information Security

How to create a zero trust environment in financial services

30 Aug 2022

It wasn’t that long ago that security professionals protected their IT in much the same way that mediaeval guards protected a walled city – they made it as difficult as possible to get inside. But once someone was past the perimeter, they had generous access to the riches contained within. In the financial sector, this means access to personal ide...

Cloud Banking out of the Box

Building banking for the future based on the right tech

19 Jul 2022

Banking used to be a somewhat stagnant, hyper-conservative industry that seemingly took aeons to evolve. However, in recent years, the banking world has seen a huge shift due to pressure coming in multiple directions. Customers are demanding more from institutions and nimble new competitors are pushing the limits of what is possible. Because of th...

Cloud Banking out of the Box

Multi-cloud: balancing the cloud concentration regulation risk with the innovation reward

16 May 2022

Regardless of size and business mix, most financial institutions have come to understand how cloud and multi-cloud computing services can benefit them. There are cost benefits when it comes to scale, deploying new services and innovating. There are security and resiliency benefits that can be difficult and expensive to replicate on-premises, espec...