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Period: 27 Jul 2020 - 13 May 2024


How to reimagine risk modelling in sustainable finance

From 8-9 December 2020, Finextra and ResponsibleRisk brought together experts in the sustainable finance space to discuss how stakeholders can re-imagine the role of risk modelling.


What's in store for Sustainable Finance in 2021?

Richard Peers, ResponsibleRisk talks about 2021 and what to expect from consumer understanding of the power of their finances to impact climate change, the proliferation of retail investors, the response from the top, and the acceleration toward standardisation. We are warned about a potential backlash from businesses declaring Governmental overreach, more Bio-Diversity loss and other unsustainable activities taking centre stage, and the technology-based solutions we can expect to see developed in order to tackle these challenges.


FinextraTV & ResponsibleRisk's Film Review of Our Planet: Too Big to Fail

FinextraTV & Responsible Risk review Our Planet: Too Big To Fail, a film inspired by the award-winning natural-history Netflix series, which illustrates the crucial role the finance sector can play in accelerating a Sustainable Future. Together they evaluate the film’s purpose, solution, the evidence it presents, and the action it calls for as they focus on the problems presented by climate change and biodiversity loss, the 5 steps businesses can take to help make systemic change towards a stable future and how SF.Live is bringing together diverse stakeholders in a multi-disciplinary group to highlight the art of the possible and continue the narrative of the film.