Sustainable Finance Live - Investment and Asset Management ESG Solutions

A Visual Record from the Sustainable Finance Live workshops.


In June 2020, Finextra Research welcomed industry experts to Sustainable Finance Live, the first virtual, interactive workshop to discuss how financial services firms and technology companies can achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. 

Debunking the myth that revenue cannot be generated through trustworthy implementation of ESG measures, this co-creation event targeted the subsector of investment and asset management and explored specific challenges and opportunities, following a lean back, lean in and learn model. 

The workshop defined what investors require in order to track and securitise with confidence and what asset managers need to build portfolios that institutional investors will select. Diving deep into the practical challenges of investment and asset management, the sessions considered data access and reporting, with speakers providing advice on how to embrace sustainable finance. 

With a top down approach, a clear focus of the sustainability components and trying to infer the process of assessing the following, the workshop focused on:

  • The investment gap in new technologies and models 
  • Information acquisition through third party suppliers to help the risk function 
  • Incentivisation schemes to promote better sustainability norms 
  • The role of technology in validating ESG activities


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Sustainable Finance Live - Investment and Asset Management ESG Solutions

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