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Period: 27 Jul 2020 - 13 May 2024


Driving Natural Capital Investment: Acquiring Ten Estates, 30,000 Acres in Two Years

Join Richard Stockdale, Founder of Oxygen Conservation, as he discusses the company's rapid expansion and innovative land acquisition strategy in an interview with Richard Peers of ResponsibleRisk. Through data-driven approaches and Natural Capital Financing, Oxygen Capital is spearheading regenerative practices, prioritizing community involvement and knowledge sharing.


Climate Scorpion: The Sting is in the Tail - Introducing Planetary Insolvency

Sandy Trust, Head of Organisational Risk at M&G, and Lucy Saye, Actuarial Manager at Deloitte, and previous chair at the IFoA Sustainability Board, present the 'Climate Scorpion' report. This report follows the IoFA and University of Exeter's 'The Emperor's New Climate Scenarios' paper, challenging the accuracy of NGFS and CBES scenarios. In this in-depth FinextraTV Unplugged interview with Richard Peers, ResponsibleRisk, they delve into tipping points, cascading risks, and the potential for positive tipping points, exploring the uncertainty surrounding Carbon budgets and their underlying assumptions. Given the Earth's complexity, climate modeling remains uncertain. The interview discusses how financial institutions and corporations can plan amid this uncertainty.


“Ubiquitech” The five key pillars for digital transformation

In this episode of Unplugged, Ruth Wandhofer, Chair of the Ubiquitech Group, discusses the UK’s transition from Fintech to “Ubiquitech”, the era of ubiquitous technology, and the road map to ensuring a sustainable, inclusive, and accessible digital economy. We review strategic recommendations for cyber security, digital systems in trade, and the digital skills education needed to support the UK’s digital economy.


Environmental Finance: Navigating the Climate Crisis - Insights from Planet Tracker’s CEO

In this episode of Unplugged, Robin Millington, CEO of Planet Tracker, addresses the urgency of environmental challenges and the need for action. From rising litigation cases due to false sustainability claims, to Planet Tracker's innovative solutions like deforestation-linked bonds and traceability systems, learn about the push for transparency and accountability in financial decision-making for sustainability.


How redefining value in decision making helps the planet

To achieve a sustainable future, integrating financial, natural, social, and human capitals equally into financial systems is crucial. In a conversation with Richard Peers from Responsible Risk, Mark Gough, Chief Executive Officer of Capitals Coalition, discusses redefining value and transforming global decision-making processes to tackle challenges such as nature loss, inequality, and climate change. They stress the significance of contextualized information and measurements for value assessments, highlighting the need for collaboration, integration, and transparency to effectively address complex challenges in the green transition.


“We Succeed Together”: Accelerating Sustainable Finance

Richard Peers, ResponsibleRisk, discusses the impact-oriented financial instruments challenge at SustainableFinance.Live 2023 with hackathon winners Arun Krishnankutty, ESG Consultant, Sustainable Finance, Managing Consultant, Wipro Consulting, and Ikechukwu Okoli, Co-founder, Capsule Tech. They focus on solutions for challenges like SME resilience, highlighting the importance of global collaboration and events like SF.Live, which give a platform to diverse perspectives for positive environmental impact.


Guiding the financial industry to a greener future

Emily McKenzie, Technical Director of the Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD), talks with Richard Peers from Responsible Risk about the launch of the TNFD risk management and disclosure framework, as well as addressing the upcoming challenges that the financial services industry will face in addressing the biodiversity crisis.


Sustainable Cities, are they worth the effort?

With cities accounting for over two-thirds of the world's energy use and are responsible for more than 70% of global energy-related CO2 emissions, we need to ask if, and how, they can be made more sustainable. In the lead up to Sustainable.Finance Live 2023, Richard Peers, ResponsibleRisk, joins us to discuss how the event plans to address the issue of cities' overconsumption of energy and propose solutions to reduce negative environmental impact.


Creating Climate Positive Companies with SustainableFinance.Live

Paul Jepson, Head of Innovation and Science, CreditNature, shares with Richard Peers from Responsible Risk, how the workshops and community at SustainableFinance.Live enabled the creation of CreditNature and where their innovative solutions are taking them now.


The Emperor’s New Climate Scenarios

Sandy Trust, Head of Organisational Risk, M&G, and former Chair of the Sustainability Board at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, discusses with Richard Peers from Responsible Risk, how commonly used climate-change scenarios are hindering financial services and proposes alternative approaches.


Why Sustainable Cities are Essential to Addressing Climate Change

Professor David Simon, Professor of Development Geography, Director of External Engagement, Royal Holloway, University of London, speaks to Richard Peers from Responsible Risk in the lead-up to Sustainable Finance.Live, about the solutions for tackling cities' overconsumption, which accounts for over two-thirds of the world's energy and is responsible for more than 70% of global energy-related CO2 emissions.


Data is the issue for Sustainable Finance, well we have an answer!

Darsha Shah, Sustainability Studio Director of Innovation, ElastaCloud and Oli Platt, Marketplace Product Manager, NayaOne describe why Sustainable Finance can help solve the Climate crisis but data is often spoken of as a barrier. Oli explains the many data resources you can access and take advantage of at the SF.Live hackathon on November 29th.


What's in store for Sustainable Finance.Live November 2022

Find out more about the upcoming Hybrid Conference and Hackathon, which will focus on better data veracity, forward looking risk and impact oriented financial instruments. Register for the event today!


Problem-solving the supply chain: Is fast fashion & Sustainable Finance the perfect fit?

Frankie Phillips, CEO, and Founder, The Rubbish Fashion Company Ltd, speaks to Richard before the December SF.LIVE event about the importance of supply chain transparency and how a well-managed supply chain is helping society reach its ESG goals.


Nature loss & the role of sovereign debt, consumer payments & Fintech

In FinextraTV’s latest Unplugged episode, Simon Zadek, Chair of the Finance for Biodiversity Initiative and Co-Chair of the Technical Hub of TNFD unpacks the detail to Richard Peers about the role of financial services, debt, nudging, fintech, and how TNFD and F4B are enabling change.