How redefining value in decision making helps the planet

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To achieve a sustainable future, integrating financial, natural, social, and human capitals equally into financial systems is crucial. In a conversation with Richard Peers from Responsible Risk, Mark Gough, Chief Executive Officer of Capitals Coalition, discusses redefining value and transforming global decision-making processes to tackle challenges such as nature loss, inequality, and climate change. They stress the significance of contextualized information and measurements for value assessments, highlighting the need for collaboration, integration, and transparency to effectively address complex challenges in the green transition.

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Michael Rada HUMAN at IBCSD LAB s.r.o,

Dear Finextra, thank you for sharing the discussion and talk. I am happy that the CAPITALS COALITION recongnize in 2020 what INDUSTRY 5.0 principles do since 2013. If interested, I can share the insights of INDUSTRY 5.0 in a talk as well.