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More generic posts and blogs relating with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) including Open Banking and PSD2

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The role of application networks in an open banking world

We’re fast approaching a complete transformation in the way we consume financial services. In the future, the bank as we know it won’t define how its services are delivered, the demands and expectatio...

31 May 2019
Retired Member

Why API integration will allow the digital banking ecosystem to thrive in 2019

Open banking is about building and integrating an ecosystem of digital products, designed for one purpose – to create a seamless user experience. What we at Cloud Elements have seen over the past seve...

23 May 2019
Ashley Murdoch

Embracing open APIs to offer a better customer experience

The speed at which consumers have adopted mobile digital platforms is testimony to how highly they prize the convenience of mobile apps. But just as the advent of supermarkets made shopping easier by ...

21 May 2019
Retired Member

Applying Developer Experience Best Practices to Open Banking API Error Messages

I have worked closely with financial institutions, particularly on building banking sandboxes in Nordic and North European countries, so that third party API consumer developers can build new innovati...

16 May 2019
Tolga Tavlas

Apitalism: Open Banking vs Platform Banking - what is the difference?

It may be hard to know the difference between Socialism and Communism for some. I think the same dilemma exists between Open Banking and Platform Banking definitions – as both sound very similar but a...

16 Apr 2019
Enrico Camerinelli

Are Open Consortia the Answer to Corporate Banking APIs?

Banks struggle to balance two imperatives: to open their systems to external partners and clients via application programming interfaces (APIs) and to control the user interaction. In order to maintai...

21 Mar 2019
Craig Hughes

Chain of Trust

In the traditional two or three-tier world of web development, there is an inherent trust between the client and the server. Each is contextually aware of the other and withholds or shares informatio

24 Feb 2019
Craig Hughes

API Misconceptions

I’d like to clarify some things about the use of HTTP verbs for RESTful APIs and the apparent misconceptions these can bring about. Firstly, there are a few people who believe that RESTful APIs are p

01 Feb 2019
Craig Hughes

API Fragments - simple flexibility

Designing APIs often leads to a compromise between producers and/or consumers. Consumers of APIs would like the interface to be as close to their requirements as possible; they want to avoid possible

27 Jan 2019
Craig Hughes

API: Arrays or named elements?

The humble restaurant menu follows a common pattern where menu items are generally separated into a logical hierarchy. At the top level, we may have breakfast items, dinner items or drinks items. Each...

15 Jan 2019

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