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Bio As Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Ken accelerates product maturity, revenue growth and market share for ENACOMM. Ken leads product strategy with a sharp customer focus. Ken has built a reputation of being an inclusive and hands-on leader and partner. His leadership style combined with his industry expertise has built powerful winning teams that drive execution and have fun while working hard. Career History Ken brings more than 20 years in the customer contact care industry with an emphasis in the financial services and banking sector with national brands like Wells Fargo, Citi Bank and Bank of America (Merrill Lynch). Ken also possesses deep product and services IP in the telecom sector with enterprise customers like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Ken spent 10 years at Nuance Communications leading Solutions Delivery teams, SaaS and PaaS Operations and Architecture, Product Management, Research and Development and recently led the Cognitive Innovations Group, an advanced technology group dedicated to the innovation of new digital and customer contact product proliferation utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning processes and technologies. Ken and team launched many successful advanced CX products and has managed a portfolio that has helped Fortune 100 companies to achieve their digital transformation goals.



An Open API Digital Gateway Offers a CX Advantage

27 Jul 2022

The cloud computing revolution transformed the digital world, and infrastructure became software. Thanks to this evolution, the time and cost between idea and launch was slashed in half. For the financial services industry, cloud computing was the launching pad for both the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) – which enables already-established financial...