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Madhvi Mavadiya

Madhvi Mavadiya Head of Content at Finextra

What will UK fintech look like in 2035?

Simon Treacy

Simon Treacy Senior Associate at Linklaters

Generative AI: How to manage banking risks

Dominique Dierks

Dominique Dierks Content Manager at Finextra

AML Basics: How to prevent money laundering

What does the future hold for fintech in the UK?

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Project Nemo: Pioneering Disability Inclusion in Fintech

Live at IFGS 2024, Joanne Dewar, Project Lead at Project Nemo, discusses Project Nemo’s innovative initiative driving disability inclusion in fintech. With one in five individuals having disabilities, this project connects fintech firms with specialized service providers to promote awareness and change. We discuss upcoming workshops and events aimed at providing practical resources for inclusion efforts, aiming to set a new standard for inclusivity across industries.