EPI dubs new digital wallet 'wero'

The European Payments Initiative, a bank-backed venture that was initally set up to build a rival to Mastercard and Visa in Europe, has selected 'wero' as the commercial name for its forthcoming digital wallet solution.


Mercedes transforms car into payment device

Mercedes-Benz is joining forces with Mastercard to introduce embedded in-car payments at the point of sale.


CFPB proposes sweeping changes for the handling of consumer data

The CFPB announced plans to introduce considerable changes to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) that would have far-reaching consequences for data brokers, furnishers and end users.


Fujitsu trials gen-AI for Japanese banks

Japanese technology giant Fujitsu is to conduct trials into the use of generative AI (gen-AI) for banking operations.


NAB fined $1.4 million for unlawful fees

National Australia Bank (NAB) has been fined $1.4 million ($2.1 million AUD) by the Australian Federal Court for charging customers periodic payments fees without a right to do so.


Why AI gender bias is best solved by web3

“Web3 is the ‘perfect platform’ to be compensated for one’s own data,” explains Rumi Morales, a founding director at Navigate, a Web3 platform developing an AI-powered map from crowdsourced data.


NatWest suffers ATM glitch

UK high street bank NatWest has resolved an IT problem with its ATMs that left thousands of customers believing they were missing funds.


Varo Bank launches no fee payments feature “Varo for Everyone”

Varo Bank has announced a new free instant payments feature called Varo for Everyone that will allow those with a US debit card to make quick and easy money transfers.


Achieving sustainable growth: Acting on ESG priorities

Finextra sat down with Kalliopi Chioti, chief marketing at ESG officer at Temenos, and Schuyler Weiss, CEO of Alpian at the Temenos Community Forum during May, where the experts discussed paths to sustainable growth for banks and emerging ESG solutions.


Sustainable Finance Live 2023 sneak peek: The Green Digital Finance Alliance’s Jannika Aalto

Gearing up for the annual Sustainable Finance Live conference on 10 October 2023 at Events@No6 London, Finextra is interviewing industry experts who will be speaking at the insightful panel discussions during the conference.


Tether commits to AI strategy with €400 million NVIDIA chip purchase

Damoon, a Tether company in which Northern Data Group owns a majority stake, has purchased over 10,000 NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, a type of chip, at a total cost of approximately €400 million.


Cisco acquires cybersecurity company Splunk in $28 billion deal

In its largest-ever deal, Cisco Systems has agreed to pay $28 billion to acquire cybersecurity company Splunk.