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“Ubiquitech” The five key pillars for digital transformation

In this episode of Unplugged, Ruth Wandhofer, Chair of the Ubiquitech Group, discusses the UK’s transition from Fintech to “Ubiquitech”, the era of ubiquitous technology, and the road map to ensuring a sustainable, inclusive, and accessible digital economy. We review strategic recommendations for cyber security, digital systems in trade, and the digital skills education needed to support the UK’s digital economy.


Transforming interoperability within trade finance

Iain MacLennan, Head of Trade & Supply Chain Finance at Finastra, and Peter Hazou, Director of Business Development at Microsoft, discuss the rapidly evolving global trade finance system. They cover the shift from static data to insight-driven systems, the use of technologies like blockchain and AI for compliance and scalability, and the importance of an agile, interoperable trade finance stack.