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PREDICT 2024: Business Model Transformation driven by Economic & Geopolitical Shifts

Ole Matthiessen, Global Head of Cash Management & Head of Corporate Bank Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Deutsche Bank, discusses the stand out emerging business models that are changing the financial and banking landscape today, the various use cases that indicate how this space is likely to evolve, and how the business model evolution within these industry changes are bringing together both the geopolitical and the digital angle.


Financial Forecast 2024: What's Ahead?

In this episode of Predict 2024, Edward Harding, Director of Global Strategic Partnerships at Mambu, discusses the upcoming webinar on Mambu’s 2024 partner predictions report, highlighting how trends are shaping financial services and influencing strategies in the year ahead. We learn about Mambu's partnership-driven approach to industry challenges, examine rising trends such as embedded finance and generative AI, and get a preview of what to expect from the webinar on March 6th.


Payment trends to watch in 2024

In today's financial landscape, the growth of instant and account-to-account payments is countered by a rise in fraud. In this episode of Predict 2024, Ed Metzger, Vice President of Market Planning Payments Efficiency at LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, shares his forecast for emerging payment trends. Focusing on the impact on financial institutions and customers, we discuss how solutions like LexisNexis® Risk Solutions' Safe Payment Verification will enhance banking practices by verifying account ownership and optimizing cross-border fund transfers. Additionally, we explore why corporates are moving payments in-house and identify growth opportunities for banks through adopting banking-as-a-service platforms.


Predicting growth for clearing houses and scheme operators in 2024

As payment markets evolve, further progress hinges on open access facilitated by infrastructure modernisation. In this Predict 2024 episode, Paul Ruggieri, Senior Vice President, Real Time Payments, Product Management, Mastercard, discusses growth opportunities for clearing houses and scheme operators, emphasising the need for standardised communication strategies between operators and payment systems. We explore the significance of interoperability and the prioritisation of standardisation to enhance cross-border transactions. Additionally, we explain the key methods for ensuring seamless transactions across borders, leveraging ISO 20022 data and AI for fraud prevention, resilience, and scalability across all 13 markets.


Responding to regulations: AI solutions boosting operational resilience in 2024

In anticipation of upcoming banking regulations, such as the EU's 2025 deadline, Sumant Kumar, CTO, Banking and Financial Markets, NTT DATA UK&I, provides insights into the impact of artificial intelligence on operational resilience for the year ahead. As a part of our Predict 2024 series, we explore how banks can deploy predictive AI to enhance operational efficiency, alongside the modernisation of infrastructure through converting legacy code with generative AI. We discuss how banks can employ supply chain risk management with the support of operations, improving both customer experience and security in the year to come.


ISO 20022 Mandates: A tipping point in financial transformation

In this Predict 2024 episode, Paul Thomalla, NED, UNIFITS, highlights the need for banks to adopt ISO 20022. Anticipating upcoming regulatory shifts in 2024, we discuss resource constraints, including ISO 20022-related challenges like talent scarcity and explore how banks can proactively use automation to ease the transition and alleviate skills shortage pressures.