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Building the digital banks of the future

Carlton Hopper, UK Managing Director of GFT, and Sam Everington, CEO of Engine by Starling, review the impact of new banking platforms and implementation strategies for successful bank modernisation. They discuss GFT and Engine by Starling's collaboration that utilises cloud-native, modular, and API-based technologies to empower clients worldwide to deliver next generation digital banking.


Agile digitalisation for future-focused issuers

Jos Veendrick, the Regional Head for Continental Europe at TSYS, a Global Payments company, assesses the challenges issuers face with legacy technology and the growing demand for convenience and personalisation in digital transactions. Our discussion covers cloud-based services and API-centric approaches, addressing industry needs and anticipating future growth in the digital payments landscape.


How investing in partner ecosystems and generative AI technologies puts real-time client needs first

Wissam Khoury, EVP of Treasury and Capital Markets at Finastra, discusses how Finastra's approach to delivering end-to-end solutions meets client banks' demands for increased efficiency and cost reduction, especially in an increasingly uncertain market. Emphasising the value of returning the power of innovation to clients through cloud-based technologies, extensive partner ecosystems and Gen AI, Wissam analyses the approach of leveraging open APIs and third-party solutions to ensure long-term sustainable growth for clients and communities.