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Everybody in the room: Moving fintech forward

Lou Smith, Chair of Innovate Finance, discusses fintech's evolution in the past decade and its impact on consumer behaviour and industry collaboration. From challenger banks to widespread fintech app usage, we examine transformative trends like Open Finance, and amidst the challenges 2024 brings both nationally and internationally, we highlight opportunities for sustainable growth, charting a course towards fintech's fruitful future.


Advancing payments: How can innovation drive business growth?

At MPE 2024, Neil Caldwell, Senior Vice President, Merchant Sales & Acquiring, Visa Europe, explores the influence of Open Banking and regulatory changes such as PSD2 on the payments industry. We discuss how technologies like tokenization and biometric authentication safeguards merchants and drives growth; and look at methods for optimising payments and enhancing customer experience, alongside exciting developments in biometric payments, real-time platforms, and the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Building the digital banks of the future

Carlton Hopper, UK Managing Director of GFT, and Sam Everington, CEO of Engine by Starling, review the impact of new banking platforms and implementation strategies for successful bank modernisation. They discuss GFT and Engine by Starling's collaboration that utilises cloud-native, modular, and API-based technologies to empower clients worldwide to deliver next generation digital banking.