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Payment trends to watch in 2024

In today's financial landscape, the growth of instant and account-to-account payments is countered by a rise in fraud. In this episode of Predict 2024, Ed Metzger, Vice President of Market Planning Payments Efficiency at LexisNexis® Risk Solutions, shares his forecast for emerging payment trends. Focusing on the impact on financial institutions and customers, we discuss how solutions like LexisNexis® Risk Solutions' Safe Payment Verification will enhance banking practices by verifying account ownership and optimizing cross-border fund transfers. Additionally, we explore why corporates are moving payments in-house and identify growth opportunities for banks through adopting banking-as-a-service platforms.


Predicting growth for clearing houses and scheme operators in 2024

As payment markets evolve, further progress hinges on open access facilitated by infrastructure modernisation. In this Predict 2024 episode, Paul Ruggieri, Senior Vice President, Real Time Payments, Product Management, Mastercard, discusses growth opportunities for clearing houses and scheme operators, emphasising the need for standardised communication strategies between operators and payment systems. We explore the significance of interoperability and the prioritisation of standardisation to enhance cross-border transactions. Additionally, we explain the key methods for ensuring seamless transactions across borders, leveraging ISO 20022 data and AI for fraud prevention, resilience, and scalability across all 13 markets.


Securing digital transactions: The global shift towards embedded payments

Jennifer Marriner, Global Head of Acceptance at Mastercard, discusses how tokenization and embedded experiences are enhancing the digital checkout process in the year ahead. Focusing on the global rollout of solution technologies, such as Mastercard’s ‘Click to Pay,’ we tackle the concerns raised from fragmented customer experiences and how they are being addressed. We hear how physical payments are shaping the standard for online transactions, and how innovations like biometric authentication are refining seamless payments and strengthening security in the upcoming year.


Agile digitalisation for future-focused issuers

Jos Veendrick, the Regional Head for Continental Europe at TSYS, a Global Payments company, assesses the challenges issuers face with legacy technology and the growing demand for convenience and personalisation in digital transactions. Our discussion covers cloud-based services and API-centric approaches, addressing industry needs and anticipating future growth in the digital payments landscape.