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"The Next Silicon Valley": Zilch CEO hails rise in UK Fintech investment & innovation

Philip Belamant, CEO, Zilch, speaks during UK Fintech Week at Innovate Finance's Global Summit and brings FinextraTV up to date with how the UK has become a centre for global fintech through investment, policy and innovation, which has enabled FinTech's to scale up. We hear more about Innovate Finance's Unicorn Council for UK FinTech, what it is responding to and how UK fintech growth should be prioritised in the next decade.


Advancing payments: How can innovation drive business growth?

At MPE 2024, Neil Caldwell, Senior Vice President, Merchant Sales & Acquiring, Visa Europe, explores the influence of Open Banking and regulatory changes such as PSD2 on the payments industry. We discuss how technologies like tokenization and biometric authentication safeguards merchants and drives growth; and look at methods for optimising payments and enhancing customer experience, alongside exciting developments in biometric payments, real-time platforms, and the integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Adapting to B2B Payments: What businesses need to consider

Speaking at MPE 2024, Kevin Baker, Head of Merchant Services, EMEA, Bank of America, discusses the B2B payment system evolution, challenges, and digital transaction benefits. We explore ERP integration, emerging trends like wearables and local payments, and evolving payment expectations for consumers and companies.


Harmonizing AI solutions in the fight against fraud

Yogesh Patel, CTO, Outseer, discusses how the evolving capabilities of artificial intelligence are reshaping fraud detection and prevention, particularly in banking. We delve into the difference between generative and predictive AI and their surprising applications, such as the rising impact of predictive AI on payment fraud mitigation, and generative AI for operational efficiency and case marking. Additionally, we discuss the importance of data quality in AI for algorithms, feature engineering, and model adaptability, to optimize security against fraudulent behaviours and enhance model efficiency. Watch to learn more about how AI will impact the future of fraud.


Upcoming changes in PSD3: The impact on 3DS ACS solutions

Yogesh Patel, CTO at Outseer, discusses the impact of new PSD3 regulations on 3DS solutions, what should be front of mind for issuers as a result and what to expect from the VISA & Mastercard protocol updates. We hear how data science plays a role with 3DS solutions, the key capabilities to expect from an ACS and how consortium data can help catch more fraud, specifically for CNP transactions.


Building the digital banks of the future

Carlton Hopper, UK Managing Director of GFT, and Sam Everington, CEO of Engine by Starling, review the impact of new banking platforms and implementation strategies for successful bank modernisation. They discuss GFT and Engine by Starling's collaboration that utilises cloud-native, modular, and API-based technologies to empower clients worldwide to deliver next generation digital banking.