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Changing the future of credit with agile engineering

In this episode of Unplugged, Harry Jell, CTO at Yonder, talks with Andrew Smith from, about building a successful credit card company in today’s financial climate. They discuss the seamless use of merchant data for user rewards, the importance of AWS and Kubernetes for scalability, and explore potential avenues to enrich transaction data.


Agile digitalisation for future-focused issuers

Jos Veendrick, the Regional Head for Continental Europe at TSYS, a Global Payments company, assesses the challenges issuers face with legacy technology and the growing demand for convenience and personalisation in digital transactions. Our discussion covers cloud-based services and API-centric approaches, addressing industry needs and anticipating future growth in the digital payments landscape.


The positive impact of AI on customer experience in financial services

With the shift from Google to GPT-4 for information searches, Greg Krasnov, the founder of Tonik Bank, examines AI’s growing influence on the financial industry ahead of this week's Singapore FinTech Festival. The discussion explores how banks are adopting AI, the implementation of Gen AI in customer interactions, where friction between regulation and innovation may arise, and the impact it is having on customer acquisition and credit applications.