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Banks "barking up the wrong tree" over CBDC deposit flight says ECB

The European Central Bank says banks are "barking up the wrong tree" when they fret over the impact of deposit flight from a future digital euro, arguing instead that stablecoins and electronic money institutions pose more of a threat to the deposit base.


NextGen Nordics 2024: What to expect from this year's conference

Finextra is returning to Stockholm for the annual NextGen Nordics event. Attendees can expect in-depth conversations on a variety of topics, and much more.


India tests offline and programmable CBDC

India is moving ahead with the next stage of its digital rupee pilot, adding programmability and offline payment capability.


Metaverse to place new demands on payment services - BIS

The metaverse could place new demands on payment services that may be better met by central bank digital currencies and retail faster payment systems than by crypto, according to a Bank for International Settlements report.


Labour vows to make UK fintech leader

The UK's Labour party says it will deliver the next phase of Open Banking, become a standard setter for the use of AI, and embrace securities tokenisation and a digital pound if it wins the next election.


US falling behind peers on CBDC progress, warns think tank

The United States' slow progress on central bank digital currencies is seeing it fall behind the likes of China, India and the European Union on the future of money, warns think tank The Atlantic Council.


Could CBDCs help prevent fraud?

Mandatory reimbursement for victims of authorised push payment (APP) scams came into full effect under the Payments System Regulator (PSR) at the end of last year.


Digital pound consultation: User privacy and access to cash key concerns

The UK Government has vowed to pass primary legislation guaranteeing user privacy in the event of a future digital pound.


Trump promises to block CBDC

Donald Trump has vowed to prevent the creation of a central bank digital currency if he wins the US presidential election, calling a digital dollar a "dangerous threat to freedom".


ECB issues digital euro vendor call

The European Central Bank has opened applications for vendors to provide components and related services for a potential digital euro in contracts that could total more than EUR1 billion.


Aussie university pilot offline CBDC

Students at Australia's Southern Cross University have been piloting the use of a CBDC to pay for goods and services offline at on-campus vendors.


Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered pilot network for stablecoins and CBDCs

Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered have carried out the first digital currency transfer and swap on the new Universal Digital Payments Network (UDPN).


EU data protection watchdog calls for more privacy for digital euro

The European data protection watchdog has recommended changes to EU draft legislation for a digital euro in order to boost privacy standards.


Fed governor Bowman sceptical on digital dollar

Michelle Bowman has become the latest Federal Reserve Governor to pour cold water on a US CBDC, saying that the benefits of a digital dollar are unclear while the risks could be significant.


China opens CBDC industrial park

China has opened a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) focused industrial park in the Luohu district of Shenzhen on October 11.


Sibos 2023: What will a digital euro look like?

As the digital euro project comes to the end of its investigation phase, Ulrich Bindseil and Evelien Witlox from the European Central Bank provided the Sibos audience with an update on the progress made so far and what comes next.


Sibos 2023: Can CBDC replace cash?

At Sibos 2023 in Toronto, EY’s Christopher Woolard chaired a session on how digital currencies have made a big splash over the past few years and questioned whether they will be merely a drop in the ocean.


Sibos 2023: What’s next for low-value cross-border payments?

The challenges and opportunities associated with low-value cross-border payments was on the agenda at Sibos on Monday as a panel of industry players explored a host of models, from correspondent banking to DLT to interlinked national systems.


Bank of Canada explores impact of quantum computing on CBDCs

The Bank of Canada has called in local specialist evolutionQ for a research project involving quantum-safe cybersecurity technologies for greenfield digital currencies.


YES Bank eRupee app gets UPI interoperability

YES Bank has gone live with Unified Payments Interface (UPI) interoperability on the Reserve Bank of India's CBDC app.