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Fujitsu partners with Palantir Technologies to boost business transformation

Sustainable digital transformation company Fujitsu has allied with Palantir Technologies to boost business transformation in Japan and solve societal challenges.


IBM on how banks are starting to embrace generative AI

Earlier this week, NatWest announced its collaboration with IBM to add generative AI to their chatbot Cora, making it Cora+.


ING CISO says data sharing is key to financial cybersecurity

Compliance has been the traditional focus of IT departments in financial institutions, but as cyber threats continue to evolve, the financial industry needs to look to each other to help protect the wider ecosystem.


How the cloud can help achieve your firm’s ESG goals

Finextra sat down with chief technology officer at EQ Bank, Dan Broten, at the Temenos Community Forum in Vienna this May, to explore how the cloud can be leveraged to accomplish ESG goals.


Sustainable Finance Live 2023: Democratising geospatial data and informing AI usage

In the keynote and Q&A session, ‘What is the role of AI in sustainable finance as we consider the role of satellite based geospatial data in city design?’, speaker Donna Lyndsay, strategic market lead environment and sustainability at Ordnance Survey, explored the use of data analytics and geospatial technology in green urban planning.


Why AI gender bias is best solved by web3

“Web3 is the ‘perfect platform’ to be compensated for one’s own data,” explains Rumi Morales, a founding director at Navigate, a Web3 platform developing an AI-powered map from crowdsourced data.


BoE and FCA release data collection transformation update

The Bank of England (BoE) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have met their phase one commitments in ongoing delivery of the Transforming Data Collection (TDC) joint transformation programme.


ING identifies challenges and strategies in delivering ‘superior customer experience’

Data is constantly sucked from our devices, collected, stored, and fed into marketing algorithms, but what else is it used for?