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Period: 05 Apr 2023 - 20 Nov 2023


Concepts to commercialisation: Growing digital assets

In the lead up to Singapore Fintech Festival, Lee Zhu Kuang, Chief Digital, Data and Innovation Officer for Securities Services, HSBC, evaluates the transformative impact of tokenisation and the role of AI standardisation in enhancing scalability and interoperability. We discuss the impact of digital assets and the need to balance financial expertise, regulatory compliance, custody services, and investor security for sustainable industry growth.


Generative AI: The tipping point for future banking

In the lead up to Singapore Fintech Festival, Shayan Hazir, HSBC's Chief Digital Officer for ASEAN, considers initiatives to integrate Artificial Intelligence into current financial infrastructure and the importance of experimentation and collaboration for operational transformation. We discuss the challenges in data orchestration, responsible implementation, public utilities and identify future opportunities in this space.


Disrupting Financial Crime with RegTech

Costing up to $3.5 trillion annually, global financial crime demands an innovative response. By accelerating solution deployment and enhancing industry standards, Deborah Young, CEO of The RegTech Association, looks to education initiatives and collaboration to address the issue; setting the stage for the 'Regulatory Public Infrastructure' panel at this week’s Singapore FinTech Festival.


The positive impact of AI on customer experience in financial services

With the shift from Google to GPT-4 for information searches, Greg Krasnov, the founder of Tonik Bank, examines AI’s growing influence on the financial industry ahead of this week's Singapore FinTech Festival. The discussion explores how banks are adopting AI, the implementation of Gen AI in customer interactions, where friction between regulation and innovation may arise, and the impact it is having on customer acquisition and credit applications.


Advancing ESG practices through tech infrastructure & clearer regulations

Dr Darian McBain, Chief Executive Officer of Outsourced Chief Sustainability Officer Asia, explores the role of technology infrastructure and the need for clearer regulations to advance ESG practices. We evaluate the impact of payment rails and highlight how seamless cross-border transactions in countries like Singapore, India, and Thailand, contribute to social inclusion by addressing challenges faced by migrants. The discussion also touches on the upcoming ESG debate at this year’s Singapore Fintech Festival, where teams will weigh the possibility of the next trillion being green.


Regulatory challenges with AI require a collaborative response

Jo Ann Barefoot, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Alliance for Innovative Regulation (AIR), discusses the challenges presented by rapidly evolving AI in the global banking landscape and examines the pace of regulatory response. In the lead up to Singapore Fintech Festival 2023, the discussion covers ethical AI innovation, the risks associated with fraud and bias, and the potential role of AI assistants in consumer protection. Jo emphasizes the importance of regulators adopting cloud technology and AI, highlighting the significance of collaborative efforts among stakeholders to navigate the intricacies of AI in banking.


Shaping Lithuania's next-generation of digital public infrastructure

Karolis Zemaitis, Vice-Minister, Ministry of the Economy & Innovation, Republic of Lithuania, explores Lithuania's next-generation digital public infrastructure, focusing on scalability, inclusivity, and investment, while tackling security and privacy concerns. The discussion includes Web3 technologies and addresses the challenges of interoperability and the global ecosystem's paradox of balancing dependence and resilience. All within the context of fostering fair and open trade driven by technology, in preparation for Singapore Fintech Festival 2023.


Navigating payments interoperability in the digital economy

Camilla Bullock, Chief Executive Officer for Emerging Payments Association Asia, delves into the role of payments interoperability in the digital economy and its facilitation of global trade ahead of Singapore Fintech Festival 2023. Together we explore the challenges linked to interoperability, from technical and regulatory hurdles, to privacy concerns and liability risks, along with the importance of accessibility and trust to achieving seamless payments in an interoperable network.


Global FinTech Institute on financing implications of digital inclusion

Professor David Lee, Chairman of the Global FinTech Institute, discusses the significant progress made in advancing digital inclusion within the financial sector ahead of Singapore Fintech Festival 2023. He covers advancements in mobile wallets and digital lending, highlighting the need for improved financial inclusion metrics, the benefits of educating SMEs on the ways data contributions can lower borrowing costs, and explores the practical applications of blockchain technology improving agricultural practices.


Thought behind the theme: The Intersection Of Policy, Finance, And Technology

This year's Singapore Fintech Festival centres on the intersection of policy, finance, and technology, uniting regulators, financial leaders, and technologists for essential discussions that are driving the industry forward. Pat Patel, Executive Director at Elevandi, highlights the event's diverse agenda, which features dialogues on topics like ESG, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, all aimed at preparing the industry for the challenges and opportunities in the year ahead.


How do AI technologies use data to enhance sustainable decision making?

Dr Darian McBain, Chief Executive Officer of Outsourced Chief Sustainability Officer Asia, discusses the crucial role of data management in addressing climate risk ahead of Singapore Fintech Festival 2023. With AI-driven advancements such as ClimateBert and ChatClimate already in use, we explore how AI can facilitate transition planning, rapidly adapt to new regulations and global practices, enhance data-driven decision-making on a global scale, and engage individuals at a personal level to reach the next milestone in the journey to Net Zero.


Rwanda and Singapore to run inclusive fintech forum

Kigali International Financial Centre (KIFC), Rwanda’s financial centre facilitating international investment and cross-border transactions in Africa, and Elevandi (www.Elevandi.io), a company set up by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to advance FinTech in the digital economy, today announced the launch of the first annual Inclusive FinTech Forum, to be held from 20 to 22 June in Kigali, Rwanda.