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Period: 30 Jun 2021 - 23 May 2024


ISO 20022: Powering Instant Payments in the UAE

FinextraTV and Al Etihad Payments’s CEO Jan Pilbauer, dive into the evolving landscape of ISO 20022 and the challenges of being a brand-new national payments entity and subsidiary of the central bank. AI Etihad Payments discuss how they, in collaboration with Unifits, are automating testing and in turn, innovating payments processes for individuals and businesses in the Emirates. The importance of rigorous testing and simulation is also discussed as a key route to ensuring a seamless and secure transition for all stakeholders.


ISO 20022 Mandates: A tipping point in financial transformation

In this Predict 2024 episode, Paul Thomalla, NED, UNIFITS, highlights the need for banks to adopt ISO 20022. Anticipating upcoming regulatory shifts in 2024, we discuss resource constraints, including ISO 20022-related challenges like talent scarcity and explore how banks can proactively use automation to ease the transition and alleviate skills shortage pressures.


Partnerships are the key for transforming businesses with ISO20022

Rob Magee, Program Director, ISO 20022 Industry Migration of Australian Payments Network, speaks at Sibos 2023 about how their partnership with UNIFITS helped them overcome the challenges faced when adopting ISO20022 in Australia.


Solving Payment Landscape Challenges

Paul Thomalla, NED, UNIFITS, joins FinextraTV in the lead up to Sibos 2023 to discuss the impact the volatile payments landscape has on both banks and their customers, the key obstacles inhibiting innovations and the solutions addressing it.


EBAday 2021: Payments innovation and the benefits cascading down the waterfall model

EBAday 2021 has flown by, and the sessions throughout day three of the event served to build on the momentum from day one and two. Another punchy strategic roundtable addressed the need for industry-wide collaboration to drive payments innovation, while two boisterous chatrooms tackled the weighty subjects of Open Banking, CBDCs and stablecoins.