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Period: 10 Jan 2022 - 23 Oct 2023

Alex Jimenez Managing Principal, Financial Service Consulting

Why digital transformation, optimisation and personalisation will be crucial for 2024 and beyond


Leveraging digitalisation for an optimised future

Alex Jimenez, Managing Principal, Financial Services Consulting, EPAM Systems, Inc., highlights the importance of digital transformation and optimisation for retail banks amidst economic uncertainty and technological advancements, in the lead-up to Money20/20 2023.


The Journey from Open Banking to Open Finance

Alistair Brown, VP Open Banking and Payments, EPAM, discusses European banking sector regulations, the role of enhanced AI solutions in tackling fraud, risk, and cybersecurity, and the benefits of enhancing customer experience at Sibos 2023.


The drive towards Central Bank Digitalized Currency

Panos Archondakis, Global Head of Banking and Wealth Management, EPAM joins FinextraTV at Sibos 2022 speaking off the back of a heated round table debate on CBDCs, offering views on how they can be utilized in both retail and wholesale banking, how consumers can benefit and what tensions are being found in the drive towards implementing the necessary infrastructure to support central bank digitalized currency.


The distinctions of Central Digitalized Banking

Alistair Brown, Global Head of Open Banking & Payments at EPAM and Rhomaios Ram CEO Fnality International join FinextraTV at Sibos 2022 just as they have come off their round table on CBDCs, offering their thoughts on the nature of CBDCs, the distinctions between the two types of CBDC and up to date knowledge on the different versions.


PREDICT 2022 with EPAM: Changes in Consumer Banking trends

Panos Archondakis, Global Head of Banking and Wealth Management at EPAM, shares his predictions for Consumer Banking trends in 2022 and explains why we are seeing fragmentation in the market, and what impact this has had on banks and their customers. We learn about the key findings from EPAM's recent Consumer Banking Report, including what consumer's preferences are today and how banks need to be more progressive in their efforts to educate, inform and advise their customers.


PREDICT 2022 with EPAM: Drivers for the disintegration of traditional banking

Alistair Brown, VP, Global Head of Open Banking & Payments, EPAM brings FinextraTV up to date with the latest banking trends and highlights what's driving the disintegration of traditional banking. We hear about the globalisation of Open Banking and the evolution of Embedded Finance and Open Finance, how BAAS, and cloud-native core banking solutions are transforming the retail space, how the way we make payments has changed, and the role of data in driving new business models in 2022.