Banco Mediolanum

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Period: 18 Jul 2019 - 26 Jan 2022


Banca Mediolanum’s digital offshoot Flowe taps airfocus to improve core mobile banking app

Italian digital bank Flowe is using airfocus to improve its core mobile banking app and aid internal product management, as it seeks to establish itself as a provider of tools that facilitate a sustainable financial lifestyle for its users.


Banks test DLT-based platform for intraday FX swaps

A group of 11 banks, including NatWest and Deutsche Bank, have been trialling a DLT-based platform for intraday FX swaps.

Banco Mediolanum deploys BME trading platform

BME, through its technology subsidiary BME Inntech, has developed Banco Mediolanum’s online trading platform, which provides trading in the main national and international Equity and Derivatives markets in a flexible, fast and easy way.