Digital Asset Holdings

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Period: 26 Jun 2015 - 12 Mar 2024

SIX hires Digital Asset for post-trade DLT; Swift bids for standards role

SIX Securities Services has contracted with Digital Asset Holdings to develop a proof of concept that will demonstrate the commercial viability of distributed ledger technology across the Swiss financial market, with an initial focus on securities lifecycle processing.

Blythe Masters takes on blockchain advisor role at Santander

Blythe Masters, the former JP Morgan bigwig who now runs distributed ledger technology startup Digital Asset Holdings, has been named group senior advisor on technology and blockchain by Spanish banking giant Santander.

ASX lifts stake in Digital Asset Holdings

The Australian Securities Exchange is to lift its stake in blockchain startup Digital Asset Holdings, reinforcing its determination to press ahead with plans to develop a new post-trade platform based on distributed ledger technology.

Digital Asset Holdings acquires Swiss startup Elevence

Distributed ledger outfit Digital Asset Holdings has acquired Zurich-based Elevence Digital Finance, a startup that has developed a modelling language for determining rights and obligations in blockchain collaboration agreements.

DTCC trials distributed ledger tech for repo market

The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) is working with Digital Asset Holdings on a distributed ledger-based system for the clearing and settlement of US repurchase agreements (repos).

Two of Wall Street's most powerful women are uniting behind blockchain

Two of Wall Street's most high-profile women have joined together to bring blockchain-based services to the financial markets as Sallie Crawcheck joins the board of Blythe Masters' distributed ledger outfit Digital Asset Holdings.

Goldman and IBM join Digital Asset Holdings funding round

Goldman Sachs and IBM have jumped aboard Digital Asset Holdings' recent investment round, taking the blockchain startup's haul to more than $60 million.

Financial industry giants join $50m Digital Asset Holdings funding round

Digital Asset Holdings, the blockchain startup helmed by former JP Morgan luminary Blythe Masters, has raised more than $50 million in a funding round joined by some of the biggest names in financial services, including Citi, Deutsche Börse and Santander InnoVentures. One of the investors, the ASX, has also handed Digital Asset a contract to design a post-trade settlement system using distributed ledger technology.

Digital Asset Holdings opens London office; hires more bankers

Digital Asset Holdings, the blockchain startup helmed by former JP Morgan luminary Blythe Masters, has brought onboard more banking heavyweights and opened a London office.

Blockchain startup hires former head of Swift Americas

Blockchain startup Digital Asset Holdings has hired the former head of Swift's securities division and CEO of America's Chris Church as chief business development officer.

Pivit issues capital investment on blockchain with Digital Asset Holdings

Real-time predictive marketplace Pivit has issued a portion of its upcoming $5 million investment round using distributed ledger technology from Digital Asset Holdings.

Digital Asset begins distributed ledger roll-up with Hyperledger acqusition

Digital Asset Holdings, the cryptocurreny outfit helmed by former JP Morgan big wig Blythe Masters, has acquired one-time Innotribe startup finalist Hyperledger.