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Period: 28 May 2020 - 05 Oct 2023


Unlocking the value of digital assets

At Sibos 2023, Hanna Zubko, Co-Founder and CEO, IntellectEU, and Kelly Mathieson, Chief Business Development Officer, Digital Asset, discuss the rising demand for interconnected applications, explore emerging fintech opportunities, and highlight the crucial role of system integrators as digital assets become more mainstream, creating new opportunities across financial markets.


IntellectEU becomes D7 Digital Market partner

IntellectEU, the emerging technology specialist, is proud to announce that it is now a D7 Digital Market Partner of Deutsche Börse and Clearstream.


IntellectEU becomes AWS Services Delivery Partner for Swift connectivity

IntellectEU, an innovator in digital finance and emerging technologies, is now an Amazon Web Services (AWS) services delivery partner.


Catalyst Blockchain Platform launches on Corda

Catalyst Blockchain Platform is now available on Corda, the leading distributed ledger technology platform from R3, created specifically for highly-regulated markets.


INA taps IntellectEU for payment tracking

INA, Plc. signs with IntellectEU for use of innovative payment tracking solution payLOCATOR.


IntellectEU payment tracking product gets Swift gpi for corporates label

IntellectEU is pleased to announce that payLOCATOR, an innovative payment tracking solution enabling direct access to payment information for bank's clients and their counterparties, has recently received a SWIFT gpi for Corporates label.


IntellectEU launches AI platform for 'hyper-personalisation' in wealth management

VELMA is an AI platform that enables financial advisors to provide personalization in every aspect of the customer lifecycle.


IntellectEU to act as communications layer for Contour blockchain network

Contour, the Singapore-based open trade finance network, has today announced its partnership with IntellectEU as part of a shared vision to digitise trade finance on a global scale.