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Period: 21 Jul 2006 - 29 Feb 2024


Garanti BBVA clients can now apply for credit limits on digital channels

Garanti BBVA continues to make its clients' lives easier with its digital products and services.


Garanti BBVA issues biometric card

Turkey's Garanti BBVA has rolled out a Mastercard contactless credit card with a built-in fingerprint scanner.


Garanti BBVA introduces Request Payments feature

Following the efforts made by the Interbank Card Center (BKM) in Türkiye to simplify payments among individual and self-employed customers, Garanti BBVA has now launched the ‘Request Payment’ feature via its mobile and online banking services.


Garanti BBVA goes full digital with car loan approvals

Garanti BBVA is streamlining the loan approval process for retail customers seeking vehicle finance.


Garanti BBVA fintech subsidiary launches digital asset business

Garanti BBVA Financial Technologies, the fintech subsidiary of Turkey's Garanti BBVA Bank, has launched its first venture with a leap into the digital asset trading and custody industry.


Garanti BBVA customers can now view account activity from other banks on mobile app

Garanti BBVA customers are now able to use the Garanti BBVA mobile app and Internet Banking to access information from their accounts at other banks.


Garanti BBVA rolls out digital receipts

BBVA’s Turkish unit consolidates its lead in innovative digital payment solutions by adding a new dimension to card transactions with digital receipts, a first in the Turkish banking sector.


Garanti BBVA International to modernise core banking systems with Temenos

Garanti BBVA International (GBI) – part of BBVA, the global financial group with more than 80 million customers worldwide – has selected Temenos (SIX: TEMN) to modernize its core banking systems.


Garanti BBVA corporate customers can nowo upload financial data via internet banking

Taking a leading role in the sector with its innovative solutions in digital banking, Garanti BBVA has implemented the Document Upload function for their corporate customers where they can add their financial data from Corporate Internet Banking.


Garanti BBVA unveils account aggregation for businesses, SMEs and freelancers

Garanti BBVA’s retail and business clients can now view their account balances and statements with other banks. Garanti BBVA Internet allows freelancers and businesses check their accounts with other banks from a single screen, without any further login requirements.

Garanti BBVA adds PFM features to mobile app

Smart transactions allow Garanti BBVA customers and clients to streamline their daily banking activities and keep their personal finances under control using the bank’s mobile app.


Garanti BBVA ships 'blank' card with no code imprints

Garanti BBVA has begun issuing a rewards-based credit card that stores credit card numbers, expiration dates and CVV codes on a separate mobile app, rather than on the physical card itself.


Garanti BBVA offers virtual credit cards to shoppers on discount website Bonus

Garanti BBVA is betting on technology and innovation to continue leading the payment system and credit card sector.


Garanti BBVA debuts Safe Selling System for buying new and used cars

As part of its collaborative framework with Turkey’s Notary Association, Garanti BBVA has created the Safe Selling System for the buying and selling of second-hand vehicles.


Garanti BBVA becomes first bank to hook up to Swift gpi pre-validation service

BBVA Garanti has become the first bank worldwide to complete integration of the new SWIFT GPI pre-validation service, an international money transfer service developed by SWIFT. Controlled testing of the service is ongoing.


Garanti BBVA raises contactless limits; urges users to use QR code for ATM access

Garanti BBVA, BBVA’s Turkish unit, has implemented a series of proactive measures to address the coronavirus pandemic, currently affecting 176 countries in the world. Garanti BBVA considers the health of its employees’, their families’, and society at large as its most important priority.


BBVA's Turkish franchise commits to 100% renewable power goal

Garanti BBVA has signed the 100 percent Renewable Energy Agreement, according to which, in 2020, it will source the 90 million kWh it requires to power a total of 813 branches and 45 corporate buildings from renewable sources. This figure is equivalent to the consumption of 30,000 households.


Turkish banks switch on digital gold transfer network

Turkish banks have begun the transfer of a cryptocurrency representing physical units of gold via a blockchain platform developed by Istanbul Clearing, Settlement and Custody Bank (Takasban).

Garanti BBVA is now on WhatsApp

As part of Garanti BBVA’s goal to enhance customer experience on the go, the bank is now offering customer service on a corporate WhatsApp account.


Garanti BBVA introduces QR codes for consumer and corporate transactions

Garanti BBVA continues to raise the bar by delivering state-of-the art functionality that helps big businesses and SMEs alike with their business needs.