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Period: 16 Nov 2001 - 22 Apr 2024

Europe rolls out cross-border eID framework

As of 29 September, the EU-wide legislation on the electronic identification (eIDAS Regulation) will enter into force enabling cross-border recognition of the electronic ID and allowing citizens and business to share their identity data when necessary. People will be able to use their electronic ID (eID) such as ID cards, driver licenses, bank cards and fill tax returns online, access medical records and online public services across the EU.

EBA given sweeping new powers to tackle money laundering abuses at EU banks

The European Commission is proposing to hand the European Banking Authority sweeping new powers to crack down on money laundering following a spate of scandals at a number of major banks.

European Commission opens investigation into Thales/Gemalto merger

The European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation to assess the proposed acquisition of Gemalto by Thales under the EU Merger Regulation.

Regulators need to adopt a more pro-competitive stance to fintech - EU Parliament

EU regulatory bodies are failing to address competition issues in their public policy towards fintech developments in financial services, according to a report prepared for the European Parliament.

European Fintech Alliance hits out at new EC regulation expert group

The European Fintech Alliance (EFA) has accused the EC of failing to give startups a voice in a new expert group on regulating fintech innovation, instead packing the body with traditional financial institutions.

European Commission lays down plans for AI

Today the European Commission is presenting a series of measures to put artificial intelligence (AI) at the service of Europeans and boost Europe's competitiveness in this field.

European Parliament approves tougher rules on prepaid cards and cryptocurrencies

To shed light on the true owners of letterbox companies, any citizen will, in future, be able to access data about the beneficial owners of firms operating in the EU.

EC proposes cheaper euro transfers across EU

The European Commission has set out plans to make banks slash fees on cross-border euro payments between EU countries that are in the euro zone and those that are not.

EU Council agrees position of fighting non-cash fraud

On 9 March 2018, the Council adopted its position on the directive on combating fraud and counterfeiting of non-cash means of payment.

European Commission wants to construct an ethics framework for AI

The Commission is setting up a group on artificial intelligence to gather expert input and rally a broad alliance of diverse stakeholders.

European Commission sets out 23-step 'Fintech Action Plan'

The European Commission has set out details of a 23-step 'Fintech Action Plan' to promote the digital transformation of the financial services sector, including the establishment of an EU Fintech Laboratory, the creation of a best-practices blueprint for regulatory sandboxes and substantial crowdfunding reforms.

EC's Dombrovskis on cryptocurrencies

Good afternoon, I would like to debrief you on a roundtable discussion with key authorities, industry representatives and experts who shared their insights and views on cryptocurrencies.

Cybersecurity dominates EU Fintech Action Plan

Cybersecurity takes top billing in the European Union's upcoming Fintech Action Plan, with a draft emphasising efforts to improve cooperation and coordination between market participants and regulators.

EU sets up Blockchain Observatory and Forum

The European Commission has launched a Blockchain Observatory and Forum with the express aim of supporting the EU's emerging fintech industry.

Europe passes new rules to give merchants more choice in card processing networks

The European Commission has issued new requirements that ensure independence of payment card schemes and processing entities, to enhance competition in the card payment market.

Commission sets deadline for banks to meet new payment standards

European banks and service providers have been given an 18-month deadline to adopt new security measures and provisions for customer data exchange as mandated by the EU's revised Payments Service Directive (PSD2).

EU to launch blockchain study

The EU Commission is looking carefully at blockchain developments with the objective of setting the right conditions for an open, innovative, trustworthy, transparent, and EU law compliant data and transactional environment.

EU launches anti-trust probe into bank data sharing

The European Commission is investigating whether banks are deliberately preventing non-bank competitors from gaining access to customer account data.

European Commission makes fintech a priority in supervisory shakeup

The European Commission is proposing to reform financial supervision across the EU with a renewed focus on new technology developments and the promotion of the emerging fintech sector.

Commission scales up EU's response to cyber-attacks

On 13 September, in his annual State of the Union Address, President Jean-Claude Juncker stated: "In the past three years, we have made progress in keeping Europeans safe online.