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Period: 16 Nov 2001 - 22 Apr 2024


EBA calls on EC to boost cross-border banking and payments

Cross-border banking and payment services in the EU are being held back by a lack of regulatory clarity and harmonisation, says the European Banking Authority (EBA).


Facebook's Libra faces anti-trust review by EU watchdogs

Competition watchdogs at the European Commission have begun probing potential anti-trust issues relating to Facebook's digital currency project Libra.


European Commission steps up action to combat money laundering

The European Commission is today adopting a Communication and four reports that will support European and national authorities in better addressing money laundering and terrorist financing risks.

EU pushes for cross-border instant payments

The European Commission is hosting a roundtable in Brussels as part of an ongoing intiative to push the development and availability of cross-border instant payments for European consumers and businesses.

Commission fines banks EUR1.07 billion for forex spot fixing

Traders from Barclays, RBS, Citigroup, JPMorgan and MUFG who used chat rooms to fix the spot forex market have cost their employers EUR1.07 billion in fines following an investigation by EU antitrust authorities,.

Mastercard and Visa to slash inter-regional fees for tourist cards in EU

Mastercard and Visa have agreed to cut interchange fees for payments made in Europe by cards issued elsewhere by an average of 40% following an EU anti-trust investigation.

European Commission sets up fintech innovation forum

The European Commission has launched a European Forum for Innovation Facilitators (EFIF), to improve cooperation and coordination of national regulatory bodies in support of the region's booming fintech economy.


European Commission welcomes agreement on more robust supervision of central counterparties

The Commission welcomes the political agreement reached today by the European Parliament and EU Member States to ensure a more robust and effective supervision of central counterparties (CCPs) offering services to the EU.


Commission welcomes agreement on new rules to improve SME access to capital markets

The Commission welcomes the political agreement reached today by the European Parliament and Member States on new rules that will further help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to finance their growth, innovate, and create jobs.


EC considers regulatory push for TIPS instant payments

The European Commission is pondering a "regulatory push" to encourage adoption of the new TIPS instant payments service and make it a genuine rival to the card schemes and tech giant-built digital wallets.

EU Parliament passes new rules on cross-border payment charges

European parliamentarians have voted in favour of new rules which will force banks to slash fees on cross-border euro payments between EU countries that are in the euro zone and those that are not.


Commission suspects bonds cartel of using chat rooms to distort competition

The European Commission has informed eight banks of its preliminary view that they have breached EU antitrust rules by colluding, in periods from 2007 to 2012, to distort competition when acquiring and trading European government bonds.

European Commission hits Mastercard with EUR570 million fine over interchange rules

The European Commission has bashed Mastercard with a EUR570 million fine for obstructing merchant access to low-cost cross-border payment services.

EBA urges EU rules on crypto-assets

The European Banking Authority is calling on the EU to look into whether there should be a block-wide regulatory approach to crypto-assets.


Euro celebrates its 20th birthday

The euro, Europe's common currency, turns 20 on 1 January 2019.


EU approves ruling to chop charges for cross-border Euro transactions

The European Parliament has approved plans to make banks slash fees on cross-border euro payments between EU countries that are in the euro zone and those that are not.


EU to introduce cybersecurity certification for all consumer devices

Several measures to improve cybersecurity in the EU were provisionally agreed by MEPs and member states on Monday.

EU taps banks for new blockchain initiative

Several banks, including BBVA, have been invited to join a new European Union platform to promote the use of blockchain technology.


EU sees rise in remittance flows

In 2017, flows of money sent by residents of the European Union (EU) to non-EU countries, referred to as personal transfers, amounted to €32.7 billion, compared with €31.8 bn in 2016. Inflows to the EU totalled €10.7 bn in 2017, compared with €10.1 bn in 2016.


EU parliament agress to lift crowdfunding limits

Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee voted on Monday on its position on common rules on the creation and functioning of European crowdfunding service providers for business.