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Period: 11 Oct 2004 - 10 Jul 2024


CommBank’s x15ventures opens applications for AI accelerator programme

The Commonwealth Bank’s venture-scaling arm, x15ventures, is seeking startups reimagining the customer and employee experience with data and artificial intelligence (AI) for its annual Xccelerate program, which helps early-stage founders explore pathways to partnership with the Bank.


Commbank adds car buying and travel bookings to mobile app

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has added travel bookings and car buying services to its mobile app.


CommBank adds travel booking and car buying services to app

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has added travel booking and car buying services to its mobile app.


CommBank invests over $60 million on bank branches in FY24

With Australia’s largest bank branch and ATM network, and a moratorium to keep regional branches open until at least the end of 2026, CommBank has increased its investment in upgrading its network.


CBA to offer smarter real-estate payments with MRI Software

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has announced a strategic collaboration with real estate software provider MRI Software to deliver a market-leading solution to the residential real estate sector, and a more seamless experience for Australian real estate agents, property managers and tenants.


CBA to fast-track AI capabilities for business customers

New research from Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), conducted in partnership with YouGov, reveals 59 per cent of SMEs have invested or plan to invest in AI in the next five years (25 per cent and 34 per cent respectively), with younger business leaders owners more likely to report investment or intent to invest (Gen Z and millennials: 75 per cent compared to Gen X: 55 per cent and baby boomers or older: 45 per cent).


CBA pilots NameCheck technology on JPMorgan's Liink blockchain

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is to help validate bank account details used in international payments to Australia by integrating its NameCheck technology with JPMorgan's blockchain network Liink.


CommBank's x15 Ventures rolls out Truyu digital ID app

In the week that the Australian Federal Government committed $288 million to advance digital ID and tackle identity theft, CommBank's venture scaler unit x15Ventures has developed Truyu, an app that alerts users when there credentials are at risk of being misused by fraudsters.


Commonwealth Bank's x15 unveils digital ID protection pilot

Commonwealth Bank’s venture-scaler, x15ventures, is testing an Australian-first digital protection tool called Truyu, which alerts people the moment their identity is being used – or misused – online at major merchants.


CommBank to provide personal finance tools to Smartgroup users

Australian families can unlock more of their hard-earned pay and grow their wealth through a new agreement between the Commonwealth Bank and Smartgroup.


CBA and Microsoft deepen Gen AI partnership

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) today announced it is deepening its existing partnership with Microsoft after signing a new ‘letter of intent’ to work together on a range of initiatives to deliver more for customers.


CommBank and Vodafone share real-time intelligence on SMS scams

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is collaborating with Vodafone to share SMS scam intelligence in near real-time, allowing the telco to identify and disrupt scammers while the bank makes proactive blocks on fraudulent payments.


CBA speeds up business lending

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia today announced new enhancements to its business lending process that will enable eligible small business customers to receive an instant conditional decision on the spot for cars, utes and vans - delivering one of the fastest decisioning in market across the major banks.


CommBank reports growing app uptake

Commonwealth Bank has today provided an update on its strategy to reimagine the banking experience for its retail and business customers as they increasingly adopt and use its leading digital banking services.


CBA rolls out payment orchestration platform

Commonwealth Bank of Australia has teamed up with payment orchestration platform Paydock to roll out 'PowerBoard', providing merchants with a single access to an unlimited number of payment methods and providers.


Bendigo Bank and Satori to pilot CBA NameCheck technology

Commonwealth Bank has announced that Bendigo Bank and fraud monitoring company Satori, are each looking to pilot CBA’s industry leading NameCheck technology in a bid to further protect Australians from scams and mistaken payments.


CBA to release AI source code for countering abusive transaction messages

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is to make its artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques for countering abusive transaction messages available for free, to any bank in the world.


CBA to extend scam-detecting technologies nationwide

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) today announced it is expanding its anti-scam technologies, as part of a national effort to combat the rise of increasingly complex fraud and scams.


CBA using Gen AI to create 'synthetic customers' for testing of new products

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is studying the use of generative AI to create 'synthetic customers' capable of emulating human behaviour, to test the response to new products and services.


Oz banks back digital identity network

A new digital ID service now lets Australians use their bank to verify their identity to third parties.