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CGI and National Bank of Canada sign long-term service agreement

CGI (NYSE: GIB) (TSX: GIB.A) announces today that National Bank of Canada has renewed its partnership with CGI for 10 years.


ITRS to provde IT monitoring service to CGI Consulting's Temenos clients

ITRS, leading provider of real-time estate monitoring and analytics software to global financial institutions, has announced a new partnership with GCI Consulting, the worldwide Temenos implementation leaders, to provide monitoring systems to its users.


Banking on Automation and AI Technology

Manoj Mishra, Senior Vice President, Consulting Services, CGI, and Tom Lang, EVP, Head of Product and Operations, PNC Treasury Management, speak at Sibos 2023 about AI and automation’s impact on business operations, current common use cases and the advantages of collaboration.


CGI gains FedNow transaction certification

CGI (NYSE: GIB) (TSX: GIB.A) today announced that the CGI All Payments solution has been certified to support transaction activity for financial institutions that make payments on the Federal Reserve Bank’s new instant payments system, FedNow® Service.


CGI All Payments solution now offered through Microsoft Azure

CGI (NYSE: GIB) (TSX: GIB.A) today announced the availability of CGI All Payments, a flexible cloud-ready enterprise payments solution, in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Azure. The availability of CGI All Payments on the trusted Microsoft Azure Marketplace delivers the flexibility needed by clients to streamline purchase, deployment and management of CGI’s industry-leading solution.


Unlocking Success Through Adaptive Banking

Andy Schmidt, VP, Global Industry Lead for Banking, CGI, shares insights from CGI's latest industry survey at Sibos 2023, highlighting the benefits of Adaptive Banking and the Bank strategies needed to respond to the change.


How Cloud Platforms are bridging the gap in banking

Ainsley Ward, Vice President at CGI, and Global Business Development lead for CGI’s Payments Solutions, joins us in the lead up to Sibos 2023 to discuss the disparity between large and small banks, the limitations of SaaS and shared service providers, the distinctions between delivering a regular SaaS solution and cloud deployment, and the impact of adaptive technologies on the industry.

Andy Schmidt VP & Global Industry Lead - Banking

How to be an adaptive bank

Keeping Pace with Customer Experience Demands during Cloud Migration



Is the Public Cloud relevant to PSD3?

Speaking at Finextra’s Financial Cloud Summit in London, Ainsley Ward, Vice President, Payments Solutions, CGI, discusses why Public Cloud should be a part of the PSD3 conversation and the effects of the upcoming Digital Operational Resiliency Act, known as DORA.


Financial Cloud Summit 2023: BaaS and IT talent - the backbone of future business

During the Financial Cloud Summit’s afternoon Optimise session, titled ‘BaaS: Entering new and niche markets,’ Finextra reporter Niamh Curran guided panellists through a technical discussion that explored how embedded finance and BaaS can help to transform the backbone of business operations.


Aktia parcles out IT services to CGI

CGI (NYSE: GIB) (TSX: GIB.A) and Aktia (OMXH: AKTIA) have entered into a strategic partnership giving CGI responsibility for a major part of Aktia’s banking IT services, including the development and maintenance of 150 mission-critical applications.


HSBC launches trade finance platform in UK and Hong Kong

HSBC has launched HSBC Trade Solutions (HTS) to customers in its two largest markets - the UK and Hong Kong. While making trade simpler, faster, and safer for customers through integrated digital journeys, HTS will power commerce that is rapidly evolving across different platforms and ecosystems.


EBAday 2022: Why request-to-pay will succeed this time around

Ainsley Ward, VP of Payment Solutions, CGI, speaks at EBAday 2022 about how data will be populated in new ISO 20022 transactions, why Request-to-Pay is key to this, and how it will make a difference for a Bank’s Corporate clients, and the role of regulation in ISO adoption.


EBAday 2022: Realising banks full potential in the cloud

Satu Kiiski, Global Director - Banking - CGI, speaks at EBAday 2022 about the typical challenges banks face using cloud today, the best method to overcome the challenges, and how banks should go about realising their the full potential of cloud.


The Role of Open Banking & Open Finance for the Future

David Hooper, Vice President, Banking & Payments Consulting, CGI, speaks to FinextraTV during Sibos 2021 about what Open Banking is and what it’s becoming, how it will continue to change the banking landscape, and the future of data mining and getting to know your customer better.


The Regulation and Responsibility surrounding Stable Coins and CBDCs

Sean Devaney, VP, Strategy for Banking and Financial Markets, CGI, speaks to FinextraTV during Sibos about Stable Coins and CBDCs. We hear about the difference between the two, whether these new digital currencies will be anonymous like cash and who will be responsible for regulating the new digital currencies.


The Changing Face of Payments Systems & The Future of Cloud-Based Deployment

Ainsley Ward, Vice President at CGI and Global Business Development lead for CGI’s Payments Solutions speaks to FinextraTV about the changing face of how payment systems are being deployed. We learn how the approach of cloud-based deployments are impacting banks, why only a handful of banks are adopting this approach globally, how a bank’s risk assessment should change when looking at the cloud, and what security considerations are needed when it comes to putting solutions into the cloud.


EBAday 2021: Payments innovation and the benefits cascading down the waterfall model

EBAday 2021 has flown by, and the sessions throughout day three of the event served to build on the momentum from day one and two. Another punchy strategic roundtable addressed the need for industry-wide collaboration to drive payments innovation, while two boisterous chatrooms tackled the weighty subjects of Open Banking, CBDCs and stablecoins.


The road ahead for RTGS Replacement & Message Standards

Sean Devaney, Vice President, Banking and Financial Markets, CGI, speaks during EBAday 2020 about the RTGS replacement programme, what the Bank of England is doing about the delays that SWIFT has announced to the ISO20022 roll out for international payments and what should they & the member banks be focused on.