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Period: 26 Apr 2005 - 23 Jul 2024


Webinar - AI and Synthetic Data: Fighting Financial Fraud and Protecting Customers

With AI and ML firmly entrenched as fraud-fighting tools, what are the weaknesses of current models using only historical or internal data?

Speakers from: Red Hat



Lloyds collaborates with Red Hat on InnerSource engineering programme

Lloyds Banking Group is collaborating with Red Hat on a programme to drive the adoption of open source software across its engineering teams.


Pivotal trends for sustainable growth in financial services

Amidst the evolving financial services landscape, three pivotal trends have emerged: operational resilience, generative artificial intelligence, and modernisation. As institutions navigate the complexities of digital transformation, the importance of building resilient systems, harnessing the power of gen AI responsibly, and modernising tech stacks becomes increasingly evident. In a conversation with Monica Sasso, Global Financial Services Digital Transformation Lead at Red Hat, we delve into these trends, exploring their implications and the strategies needed for sustainable growth.

Mastering DORA: A Strategic Guide to Operational Resilience



Managing your cloud migration strategy

Josh West, Senior Principal Solutions Architect, Global Financial Services, Red Hat, discusses the key factors financial institutions must consider when transitioning to the public cloud. We explore how the finance sector can leverage innovations and platforms to drive business growth and enhance customer satisfaction to achieve economies of scale. Additionally, we examine cloud adoption strategies, including how to navigate the high costs associated with full cloud migration.

Keeping Pace with Customer Experience Demands during Cloud Migration



The importance of regulation in cloud migration

Speaking at Finextra’s Financial Cloud Summit in London, Monica Sasso, EMEA FSI Chief Technologist, Red Hat, talks about the different clouds, the challenges of overcoming regulations, and how DORA will affect businesses.


Financial Cloud Summit 2023: ChatGPT says banks should be multi-cloud

Cloud migration is a major part of the financial industry today; traditional banks and emerging fintechs are in process of transitioning online to cloud services to become scalable, agile, and operate at a higher level.


ERI Olympic Banking System certified on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

ERI is proud to announce that its leading technology platform, OLYMPIC Banking System, digitalising front-to-back financial services processes, is certified to run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and is now available in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalogue.


Infrastructure should never be an afterthought

Ramon Villareal, Chief Technologists Payments, Red Hat Global Financial Services joins FinextraTV at Sibos 2022. Discussing the driving forces behind payment data, Villareal shines light onto what Financial institutions should be doing to develop their infrastructure to support real-time and high-availability payments, where to implement flexibility, and how technology-driven decisions should be prioritized to embrace data and its potential.


Opportunities innovative technology opens up for Financial Institutions

Monica Sasso, FSI EMEA Chief Technologist, Red Hat joins FinextraTV at Sibos 2022, keeping us current on what opportunities can emerge when opening up a bank's infrastructure. Particularly how challenges in independent innovation can turn into a chance to review new business prospects, what part open APIs play in pushing forward a new marketplace for customers' choices, and the opportunities to be found in moving away from legacy infrastructure.


Ndctech and Red Hat collaborate on cloud-native solutions

NdcTech, a global IT and consulting company providing transformational services for Banks and financial institutions has announced a collaboration with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of enterprise open-source solutions, to deliver solutions based on cloud-native, open-source technologies in support of financial institutions.


Temenos extends relationship with Red Hat

Temenos (SIX: TEMN), the banking software company, has extended its strategic relationship with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions, by integrating Red Hat Process Automation Manager with Temenos Infinity cloud-native digital banking services.

Building the Road to a Hybrid Cloud Future



Extending Bank’s reach with new relationships

Nik Stankau, Director, Business Development, EMEA Financial Services & Global Accounts, Red Hat, speaks on FinextraTV about how the banks' move to digital has impacted their ability to develop new relationships, the opportunities they are faced with across the potential ecosystem of vendors, partners, and peer to peer customer relationships, and how the market is changing with regards to growth and new relationships.


Leading the business through change from technology

Kelly Switt, Global Head of Financial Services Ecosystem & Strategic Partnerships, Red Hat, speaks about how banks can remain relevant and ways of being more effective in 2022. We hear about the impact growing consumer & client expectations will have on the way banks operate and how banks can continue to stay relevant as customer preferences evolve.


Sopra chooses IBM Cloud via Red Hat OpenShift

Sopra Banking Software, the partner of choice for more than 1,500 financial institutions worldwide, announced that it will join the IBM Cloud for Financial Services Ecosystem. The IBM Cloud for Financial Services, which recently became generally available, is designed to help financial institutions transact with technology vendors, such as Sopra Banking Software, who have met the platform's stringent security and compliance requirements.