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Biometrics are the new weapons of war against online fraud and supporting financial services with biometric authentication and their KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures. ​ There are many different areas where biometrics are being deployed. For example in digital identity; an alternative to user names and passwords; protecting against ID theft; account takeovers and multiple accounts. ​ Mobile biometric authentication is helping to verify new and returning customers at the point of log-ins, payments and digital on-boarding.

Raktim Singh

Raktim Singh Senior Product Leader at Infosys

Biometric in banking

Recent years have witnessed a significant increase in the level of banking inclusion. In 2022, around 70% of the population had access to a bank account, up from ~40% a decade earlier, according to the World Bank. This expansion is primarily attributable to the digital revolution. As of 2014, only 35% of the adult population worldwide could send or...

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Liudas Kanapienis

Liudas Kanapienis CEO at Ondato

How can telcos ensure regulatory compliance across multiple AML and KYC jurisdictions?

Besides the technical challenges they face protecting their customers from digital risks, telcos also have a big job on their hands when it comes to maintaining regulatory compliance.l AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC/KYB (Know Your Customer/Know Your Business) regulations are having a significant impact on telcos across various jurisdictions. ...

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Michel Roig

Michel Roig President Payment and Access at Fingerprints

In-store, online & in-app – unifying payment authentication

Often, new technologies are lauded as the death of existing ones. This has been undoubtedly true in some areas. Think audio cassettes and CDs, Betamax and VHS, fax machines and email… and a host of other examples. Sometimes the market and product vendors can influence this decision but, mostly, consumers decide which technologies win based on the ...

/payments /identity

Simon Horswell

Simon Horswell Fraud Specialist Manager at Onfido

Why biometrics are a nonnegotiable in 2023

If companies are serious about protecting themselves from fraud, simple knowledge-based authentication services are no longer going to cut it. The world has become vastly more digital over the last three years. Spurred by the pandemic, thousands of companies moved services online, and as they did, fraudsters went with them. A report from the UK ...

Aida Hosseini

Aida Hosseini Global Marketing Manager at Fingerprints

Retail card issuers’ next step in differentiating their card portfolios

From the goods and services we buy to the stores we visit, brands make up a big part of a consumer’s decision-making process. And the same is true for our finances. Traditionally, consumer banking has been dominated by long-established, highly recognizable names. This has meant that many consumers adopted a ‘bank-for-life’, but this has changed. Mo...

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Philip Chethalan

Philip Chethalan Marketing Manager at Subex

KYC API: How KYC as a service works

APIs provide rapid and scalable applications for banking, payments, and other businesses that require identity verification for AML and KYC compliance. In most countries, some firms are obliged by law to comply with AML and KYC. When such firms authenticate their consumers, APIs may provide a faster, simpler, and less expensive way to comply while ...

/identity /crime

Philip Chethalan

Philip Chethalan Marketing Manager at Subex

Best Practices, Challenges and Trends in Employee Onboarding for BPOs

Employee Onboarding effectiveness defines whether your employee will be engaged or disengaged at work, depending on the impression created on them. Poorly managed onboarding can lead to abandonment, especially for youngsters. According to an SHRM article: 69% of employees stay longer with good onboarding A structured onboarding program will make 5...


Simon Horswell

Simon Horswell Fraud Specialist Manager at Onfido

The future of biometrics in banking

There’s no doubt that biometrics, such as fingerprint and facial biometrics, are taking customer experience into a new era. Today, different forms of biometrics are widely used to help businesses verify users for the purposes of both Know Your Customer (KYC), fraud detection and prevention. With identity fraud rocketing 44% since 2019, biometrics ...

/security /identity

Philip Chethalan

Philip Chethalan Marketing Manager at Subex

What is Identity Fraud? Definition, Types, and Examples

Identity fraud is the unauthorised use of a person’s personal information by another person to commit a crime or deceive or defraud that person or a third party in order to take advantage of the pleasures that come with that synthetic identity. The majority of identity fraud is performed for financial gains, such as gaining access to a victim’s cre...

/identity /crime

Traci Krepper

Traci Krepper Head of Propositions, Identity and Fraud at Experian UK&I

How businesses are meeting the challenge of fraud and the expectations of the new digital consumer

We are all digital consumers. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, an ever-growing number of consumers were accessing all manner of services online, with their expectations of a frictionless, seamless experience growing as well. These growing expectations are central to a successful digital operation. How can businesses and other organisations create...

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