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Banking Regulations

Discussion around current trends in regulations for banks globally

Srinathprasanna Neelagiri Chettiyar Shanmugam

Srinathprasanna Neelagiri Chettiyar Shanmugam Manager - Banking and Financial Services at Aspire Systems

A Deep Dive into DORA's Threat-Led Penetration Testing Requirements

Welcome back to my blog series on DORA regulation !!! In this blog, I will dive into the specific topic of Threat-Led Penetration Testing (TLPT). Key Players in the TLPT Ecosystem: Understanding the roles involved in TLPT is crucial. Here’s a quick rundown: Red Team: These are the attackers in the simulation, employing tactics, techniques, and pro...

/security /regulation

Joris Lochy

Joris Lochy Product Manager at Intix | Co-founder at Capilever

The Dawn of DORA: Building a Resilient Financial Infrastructure

Digital threats top the agenda for every Chief Information Officer (CIO), especially in the Financial Services industry, where the consequences of breaches can be catastrophic. As financial services increasingly rely on IT tools and systems, any digital disruption can have profound impacts not only on the institution itself but on the broader econ...

/security /crime

Martin Bradbury

Martin Bradbury Regional Director, Financial Services UK&I at Dynatrace

Preparing for DORA: A Roadmap to Compliance for Financial Institutions

Financial services providers are essential for the modern world, supplying the systems critical to the flow of business. Ensuring these systems are resilient and available 24/7 is vital to upholding customer trust, driving business continuity, and maintaining regulatory compliance. The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), a European Union (...

/security /regulation

Yogendra Singh

Yogendra Singh Vice President, Global Head, Solution Consulting at Oracle

Navigating the Basel End Game: A Comprehensive Guide to Regulatory Capital and Net Interest Margin

Introduction: The Basel III regulatory framework, developed post-2008 financial crisis, aimed to fortify the global banking system. As discussions around the Basel end game intensify, regulators, central banks, and financial institutions are navigating the path forward for banking regulation. This article delves into the intricacies of the Basel e...

/regulation /predictions

Joris Lochy

Joris Lochy Product Manager at Intix | Co-founder at Capilever

Safeguarding Finance: The Crucial Role of Sanction Screening

Financial crime continues to be a major issue, undermining the trust and safety of global financial systems. The United Nations estimates that a staggering 2 to 5% of global GDP, or between EUR 715 billion and 1.87 trillion, is laundered each year. Moreover, about 50% of companies worldwide have experienced fraud in the last two years, underscorin...

/regulation /crime

Steven Rackham

Steven Rackham CTO for Financial Services at NetApp

Tackling DORA is a challenge for the entire business – not just the IT team

The enforceable deadline for DORA is now under a year away and organisations in the FS sector are in a difficult position. Preparing for any change in regulation is hard enough, but with the European Banking Authority yet to publish the final technical specification or a list of critical IT providers, businesses are effectively still in the dark i...

/regulation /cloud

Joris Lochy

Joris Lochy Product Manager at Intix | Co-founder at Capilever

Rethinking AML: A Call for Innovation and Efficiency

In the financial services sector, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) continues to be a topic of intense debate. Discussions oscillate between advocating for stricter regulations and questioning the extent of banks' responsibilities in overseeing (policing) financial transactions. AML regulations are pivotal in preventing the use of financial institutions...

/regulation /crime

Vlad Dobrynin

Vlad Dobrynin Founder & CEO at Humans Group

A More Robust Economy, Driven by Neobanks: Why Uzbekistan Should Give the Green Light to Fintech

Soon, all companies, regardless of their business area, will have to engage with fintech. Back in 2020, this was the forecast presented by analysts at the Andreessen Horowitz venture capital fund. For instance, taxi and delivery aggregators are creating their own payment services, financial transfer systems are being integrated into messengers, gi...

/payments /predictions

Joris Lochy

Joris Lochy Product Manager at Intix | Co-founder at Capilever

The Fintech Regulatory Puzzle: From AISP to Bank

When discussing the dynamic world of Fintech, particularly in the context of neo-banks and payment Fintechs, licenses play a crucial role. This regulatory aspect, while less glamorous than cutting-edge user experiences, is a fundamental component of the Fintech ecosystem. Unfortunately, it often does not receive the attention it deserves in Fintec...

/regulation /retail

Maysam Rizvi

Maysam Rizvi CEO at Elifinty

How Fintech is Helping Consumers with Rising Rates and Financial Challenges

In recent years, there has been a continual rise in base rates, which began in December 2021 and is expected to continue into 2024. At first glance, these increases appear as calculated policy decisions designed to slow down demand for goods by increasing the cost of borrowing whilst incentivising people to save. However, in the real world, these...

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