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Fintech discussions and conversations around the development of fintech.

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The Growth of Vehicle Finance: A Danger to the UK Economy?

It’s no secret that the vehicle finance industry is continuing to grow; in fact, in terms of lending, vehicle finance is second only to the mortgage market. It’s the scale of the growth that has taken many analysts by surprise – growing from an estimated £32.7 billion in 2014, to over £41 billion in 2016. Despite the colossal growth, the process b...


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Japan Tightens Regulations on High Frequency Trading: 3 FINTECH Needs

Japan’s FSA (Financial Services Agency) is looking to implement tighter regulations on High Frequency Trading (HFT) as soon as 2018. Reuters states that “The growing presence of HFT on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) has raised concerns high-speed trading could destabilise markets and leave retail investors at a disadvantage.“* This is an interesti...


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