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Digital Banking Trends

Digital Banking trends and Industry Intelligence for Bankers, Fintechs, and Solutions Providers

Tatsiana Kuchminskaya

Tatsiana Kuchminskaya Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Andersen

IoT in Banking and Finance: Capacities and Prospects of Wearable Devices

20 years ago, one bank was enough for our parents to manage money transactions, from savings to insurance. The situation changed dramatically when there emerged more financial companies and competition for clients began. Suppliers offer to switch banks enticing people with favorable savings rates, gift cards, or bonus systems. The leader is the on...

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Abhinav Paliwal

Abhinav Paliwal CEO at PayNet Systems

How Embedded Finance And BaaS are Transforming India

While COVID has thrown traditional banking operations in disarray but it has also established new fintechs in the financial services business. With the Central bank’s push toward digitalisation, we can safely assume that this trend will inevitably make fintech proliferate deeper into the incumbent bank’s market. Fintechs like Open, Bajaj Finan...

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Jelle Van Schaick

Jelle Van Schaick Marketing manager at Intergiro

How To Start A Neobank in 2023?

There’s a growing need for banking services that go beyond mere transactions. People want to interact with brands that enhance their lives and make them feel connected — not just push products on them. It may be tempting to try to please all markets and audiences, but attempting to appeal to everyone leads to mediocrity and a lack of intense feeli...

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Andrew Stevens

Andrew Stevens Global banking and financial services specialist at Quadient

'Which?' raises the alarm: 'Digital-only' banks could exclude older customers

High street banks were in the headlines once again this week, this time with consumer group Which? reacting to the recent spate of branch closures. With high-street banks now closing at a rate of 54 branches per month, campaigners have voiced concerns that elderly and vulnerable customers won’t be able to access their cash or get assistance if the...


Abhinav Paliwal

Abhinav Paliwal CEO at PayNet Systems

The Neo Bank that Grew its Deposits to $1.6B

Starbucks is a bank. Today, that “bank” has 24m+ members and $1.6B in “deposits". Here is the backstory of worlds largest Neo Bank - Starbucks : In 1994 they have 425 total stores in their 23rd year By 1999 They opened 625 new stores By 2007 They where opening 3500 stores per year But eventually, this growth backfired. Stores were...

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Inna Demchenko

Inna Demchenko Head of project at Bank

Remote identification in Ukrainian banks – is it easy to become an online customer?

Back in 2020, Ukrainian legislation allowed banks to establish business relationships with new customers and open accounts for them completely remotely. Moreover, banks were even offered several options for how to conduct remote identification without the physical presence of the customer, namely: - Video verificatiion; - Selfie with liveness ...


Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown 

Conversational Banking Is So Much More than “What’s My Account Balance?”

From summoning a ride to your exact location to same-day delivery to your doorstep, a primary target of technology today is convenience. And innovators are coming for your keyboard. In the near future, voice control will take the place of tapping, clicking and scrolling. Rather than just ask a question and hear an answer, digital assistants will ro...

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Paul Shumsky

Paul Shumsky Technology Advisor at Entrepreneur

2022 Fintech Market Forecast

2021 remained resilient for Fintechs even despite the continued pandemic vulnerabilities. Moreover, there was a significant growth of the venture investments in Q3 and Q4 across many regions. Verticals such as digital asset exchange, digital payments and savings experienced 19% YoY growth according to World Economic Forum and the World Bank data. ...

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Tatsiana Kuchminskaya

Tatsiana Kuchminskaya Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Andersen

Five Beneficial Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Compliance

Superhuman precision in performance With the expansion of international trade, various regulations in banking come on the scene. Financial institutions have to comply not only with their internal rules but also with the laws of different countries and whole trading blocs such as the EU, NAFTA, or ASEAN. Digitalization in financial services coul...

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Alex Kreger

Alex Kreger Founder & CEO at UXDA

Digital Banking Customer Experience Trends Humanize the Industry

Many customers are used to seeing the banking industry as soulless, focused only on making a profit. However, inspired by new technological opportunities, financial companies have made significant progress towards meeting their clients, carefully studying their needs and introducing innovative ways to meet them. There is still a lot of work ahead...

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