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Digital Banking Trends

Digital Banking trends and Industry Intelligence for Bankers, Fintechs, and Solutions Providers

Rebecca Trivella

Rebecca Trivella Director at 3radical

Zero-party data: The key to personalising financial services?

The days of generic, one-size-fits all financial service experiences are over. Today, customers expect – and demand – personalised financial services. Just think: How frustrating do customers find it when lenders view them as account number #72856, rather than Joe Bloggs with unique financial goals, circumstances, and interests? It leaves them fee...

Patrick Devlin

Patrick Devlin Senior Vice President of Payments at Temenos

Seizing the power of FedNow: What US banks can learn from global peers’ adoption of instant payments

Patrick Devlin, Senior Vice President of Payments, Temenos The recent launch of the FedNow Service in the US presents an enormous opportunity for banks. Looking at the global adoption of instant payment systems, it’s clear this trend isn’t going away, and financial institutions worldwide have taken notice. For instance, in the UK, Faster Payments ...

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Richard Orange

Richard Orange Vice President EMEA at Exabeam

Enhancing Bank Cybersecurity by Combating External and Insider Threats with MFA

Banks and financial institutions continually face threats from cybercriminals attempting to exploit weaknesses in their digital systems. According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 26% of incidents in the financial sector are caused by malicious insiders, 56% by negligent insiders, and 18% by compromised insiders, emphasising ...

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Ori Bauer

Ori Bauer CEO at Dynamic Yield, a Mastercard company

Financial Institutions Are Missing Out on Personalisation

As brands rushed to build seamless and effective omnichannel presences at the start of the pandemic, consumers benefitted from more choice and a renewed focus on better experiences. In the wake of that rush, we now get relevant and personalised experiences when we engage with streaming services, retailers, online grocery platforms and beyond, and ...


Mahesh Pawal

Mahesh Pawal Portfolio Product Manager, Digital Transformation at Fiserv

When Digital Payments FAIL: The Trojanization of the Digital Payment Ecosystem | PART 3

94% of the passwords used by 5.2 billion internet users scored less than 65 on Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) security scale. I am pretty much sure that you are one of them. CIS suggests that anything less than 80, is considered an easy target for hackers, given the advanced computing power available today. To determine if your password is ha...

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Nick Kerpe

Nick Kerpe Head of Customer Relations at Monevium

How will we be making payments in 10 years? Digitally!

For many people, the sight of paper banknotes or coins made of such an old-fashioned material as metal is rare. There are now many countries around the world, in every continent in both hemispheres, in which everyday transactions are conducted using a digital contactless payment system via smartphones, watches or with bank cards which require a sim...


Philip Chethalan

Philip Chethalan Marketing Manager at Subex

Identity Verification for Neo Banking: Ensuring Security and Compliance

Introduction to Digital Customer Onboarding with Identity Verification for Neo Banking In the world of finance, digital onboarding is becoming increasingly important for neo banks. Neo banking refers to a new generation of digital-only banks that offer a wide range of financial services through mobile apps and online platforms. These banks are typ...

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Bo Harald

Bo Harald Chairman/Founding member, board member at Transmeri, Demos, Real Time Economy Program,MyData

Opportunities and Responsibilities for the Finance Sector in the Trust Infrastructure

1. Trust infrastructure As the benefits for building a global trust infrastructure are so massive (3-6% of GDP according to McKinsey), it is clear that governments will be strongly committed to drive the migration and that enterprises will start to see the enormous benefits they can achieve (as outlined in 5 major categories in Self-Sovereig...

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Anoop Melethil

Anoop Melethil Head of Marketing at Maveric Systems

Customer experience – game changer for neobanks in retail

In the new banking world order, Neobanks continue their impressive march northwards. With Brazil reporting 43% adults with digital-only bank account, India at 26%, Ireland at 22%, Singapore at 21%, Hong Kong at 20%, and UAE at 19% (online bank adoption survey by Finder), the transaction value for Neobanks worldwide is expected to level out at $ ...

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Neil Ambikar

Neil Ambikar CFO at Narvi Payments

Banking as a Service for corporates finally a thing in 2023?

Back in 2016 when I first started my first Fintech, we used the concept of virtual bank accounts to innovate in the corporate treasury space by getting rid of reconciliation processes, and fully automating treasury and accounting processes. using APIs and unlimited IBANs. We talked to 100s of corporate clients and presented our solution at many F...

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