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Trends in Financial Services

A community to discuss the future of financial services and any other interesting trends, strategies, ideas, views.

Max Koretskiy

Max Koretskiy Investor, Cо-Founder at Blackshield Capital Group

How digitalization and generation change are driving the development of the wealthtech industry

The world of investment and asset management is entering a new era where traditional methods are gradually giving way to innovative technological solutions. This transition, drive not only by technological progress, but also by a change in investor generations, requires the industry to adapt to new realities. This includes stimulating the rapid de...

/people /wealth

Donica Venter

Donica Venter Marketing at Traderoot

Contactless Convenience: A Look At the Trends Shaping the Payments Industry in 2024

As digital innovations reshape customer expectations around transactions, the payments ecosystem is set for a profound transformation in 2024. Speed, transparency, and integrated mobility characterise the next era of payment experiences – underpinned by ground-breaking developments in contactless technology. Based on emerging advancements within t...

/payments /crypto

Traci Krepper

Traci Krepper Head of Propositions, Identity and Fraud at Experian UK&I

Navigating the fraud landscape: 6 predictions for the year ahead

The evolving landscape of fraud in the financial sector demands a proactive approach to security. As criminals constantly refine their tactics to exploit vulnerabilities, the importance of predicting the trajectory of fraud and understanding the dynamics of KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations becomes critical for b...

/security /crime

Indra Chourasia

Indra Chourasia Industry Advisor at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Industry Cloud Platform: Fueling the vision of financial market infrastructure (FMI)-led Marketplace

Amid data led business innovation agenda dominating capital markets, financial market infrastructure (FMI) firms remain exploring strategies to transform their traditional business avatar – a standalone industry utility hosting parts of trade processing. Led by the ideas of an open and assimilative business model thriving on ecosystem harnessed ca...

/cloud /markets

David Hensley

David Hensley Founder at Enryo Limited

My Crystal Ball for Payments: Key Predictions for 2024

2023 saw the payment industry in a whirlwind of innovation, with open banking on the rise, BNPL facing regulatory scrutiny, and the war for digital wallets intensifying. As we peer into the future, 2024 promises to be just as exciting, with several key events poised to reshape the landscape. Here are five predictions for the year ahead: 1) Real-ti...

/payments /predictions

Aleksandra Kitina

Aleksandra Kitina Head of Marketing at COLIBRIX

Where Finance Meets Sustainability: Shared Visions and Opportunities

Stepping into the lively fusion of finance and sustainability, we find ourselves in a space where the traditional rules are rewritten. According to Global Market Insights, the sustainable finance market is projected to grow at a robust CAGR of 22.4% between 2023 and 2032, driven by the rise of impact investing. This remarkable trajectory is propel...

/payments /sustainable

Patrick Bermingham

Patrick Bermingham CEO at Adflex

What trends will dominate the B2B payments world in 2024?

In with the old, as good as new The first use of a commercial card for a B2B payment was recorded by the travel industry in 1937. Yet nearly a century later, commercial cards are still not a widespread B2B payment method. Why? They are often hampered by security concerns, supplier acceptance, and incompatibility with existing financial systems. As...

/payments /predictions

Kanika Hope

Kanika Hope Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos

Profitability – the holy grail for challenger banks

Kanika Hope, Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos Challenger banks have been a growth story in banking in the last decade. Today there are ~450 challenger banks globally worth $300B in 2022 compared to 100 in 2017 worth 161B. However only 5% of non bank-owned challengers are profitable. Despite low operational costs, the average cost income ratio of c...

/retail /startups

Paul Marcantonio

Paul Marcantonio Head of UK/Western Europe at Ecommpay

Anti-fraud solutions that can’t detect fraud rings are redundant in 2023

In today’s e-commerce landscape, fraud prevention and detection solutions must include tools such as graph analysis to track data across numerous transactions. Over the last few years, the e-commerce sector has witnessed unprecedented growth. As volumes of digital transactions continue to skyrocket, merchants and payment providers find themselves a...

/payments /crime

Oliver Carson

Oliver Carson Founder and CEO at Universal Partners

Bridging the FX Gap: How Fintechs Are Equipping Banks To Support Global SMEs

When it comes to supporting larger Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) scaling internationally, the established banking sector has been falling behind for some time. Despite the size and reach of traditional banking institutions, they struggle to support important FX aspects like hedging, local accounts abroad and exotic currency payments. C...

/payments /retail

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