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Financial Risk Management

This network brings together professionals involved in the oversight and management of their company's financial risks and exposures as well as solution vendors, in order to discuss risk issues including interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk and commodity price risk, among others.

Priya Kumari

Priya Kumari Digital Content Marketing Specialist at MSys Technologies

Harnessing AI/ML to Combat Payment Fraud: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction The payments landscape has undergone a transformative shift, embracing omni-channel, omni-pervasive accessibility, financial inclusion, cloud technology integration, and multi-touchpoint experiences. As cashless and contactless transactions become the norm, this evolution has inadvertently fueled a surge in financial fraud incidents

/ai /payments

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett CEO at Razor Risk

Basel Guidelines: Diving into the Four Counterparty Credit Risk Components

In a world where market turmoil and systemic risks are pervasive, effective counterparty credit risk management (CCR) becomes increasingly vital. Recent events, such as the collapse of Archegos Capital Management which caused over $10 billion in losses, commodity market volatility after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022, and UK gilt market disr...

/regulation /markets

Max Koretskiy

Max Koretskiy Investor, Cо-Founder at Blackshield Capital Group

What is the new standart of the investment market?

In recent years, financial markets have faced a phenomenon known as the “new standart”. This concept describes economic and market conditions that seemed abnormal and caused panic in the market, but have now become part of the everyday reality for investors and analysts. What are the main characteristics that define the “new normal” and how do the...

/wealth /markets

Nick Green

Nick Green Director at Purple Patch Broking Ltd

Financial crime assessment with perpetual KYC oversight

Economic crime costs have escalated to an estimated £290* billion annually. Compounding this issue, billions are believed to be laundered through the UK finance system every week. And that’s why there’s a renewed focus on Know Your Customer (KYC)—specifically continuously monitoring it. Knowing your customers is crucial for financial institutions ...

/retail /crime

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett CEO at Razor Risk

ISDA Insights from Afar: Examining Key Agenda Items

The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) annual general meeting takes place in Tokyo this week. The event serves as a platform for insightful discussions, strategic collaborations, and the exchange of ideas surrounding the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in risk management. While we couldn’t be in attendance this yea...

/regulation /markets

Richard Bennett

Richard Bennett CEO at Razor Risk

Exploring the Global Impact of the 2023 US Banking Crisis

It is around a year since Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and First Republic failed, and while its effects were by no means as far reaching as those in the global financial crisis over 15 years ago, it has sent substantial repercussions throughout the industry, its regulators, and governing bodies. Here, we take a look at some of the global r...

/regulation /wholesale

Raktim Singh

Raktim Singh Senior Industry Principal at Infosys

Why Do We Need Strong Resilient Financial System

Resilience is a process and an outcome of effectively adjusting to life's challenges and adversities, specifically through the exhibition of mental, emotional, and behavioral flexibility, as well as the ability to endure internal and external pressures. Organizational resilience pertains to the capacity of a business to proactively foresee, prepa...

/security /regulation

Mark Nutt

Mark Nutt Senior Vice President, International Sales at Veritas

How Financial Institutions Can Navigate the ‘Operational Resilience' imperative

Whether your source of news is the FT, the BBC or the Daily Mail, headlines of data related business outages, and associated credibility damage are on the rise. From data outages to increasingly audacious ransomware attacks on all levels of public and private organisations– data management has become a mainstream topic and highly visible.   Today...


Jeremy Chen

Jeremy Chen Senior Director of Product Management at DataVisor

Banks: Real-Time Fraud Considerations to Maximize the Benefits

The anticipation surrounding instant and real-time payments in the U.S. has captured the attention of financial experts in more ways than one. With the Federal Reserve's launch of their FedNow Service this month, banks and financial institutions are both excited to reap the benefits and wary of the potential risks. When implemented well, banks and...

/retail /crime

Sheridon Glenn

Sheridon Glenn Global VP, Strategic Markets & Initiatives at Guidewire

Take the holistic insurance model a step further: Data lakes integrated with artificial intelligence

In my previous blog, I covered how insurance analysis has moved on from traditional methods to holistic models. These models allow insurers to better assess risks and losses by being able to view their entire portfolio in a non-siloed way. This allows insurers to make better use of the data they hold and provide more proactive support to their cu...


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